blade 2

Discussion in 'General' started by Jada, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Just a recommendation-do not go see blade 2. i loved the 1st one, but God, the second one really sucked. No plot-and i mean being blazed usually makes movies way better-but tis one just made me mad. Although i admit the vampires were pretty cool lookin. N E 1 else see it?
  2. Me and my friends were drunk and high when we saw it and we had a blast. So did everyone else in the theatre. It was the funnest movie everr. It was saturday night at 10:40 at a theater right of asu campus though, so everyone was pretty wasted.
  3. glad you liked it. I duno-i just couldnt get into it. oh well. Those vapires were pretty freaky looking tho.
  4. Sure seems like the sequel is never as good as the original!! Arnold is makin' another Terminator flick,but as he is older now ,instead of saying "I'll be back", his line is "Oh my BACK"!! LOL :smoking:
  5. Yeah i have watched it and it sucked, No word of i lie i fell asleep during the film !

  6. I also heard it makers better start makin better

    how you doin jada??

    I was sleepin last night when you Im'ed


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