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*Blackout Purp Strain*

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by GermanPothead, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    Day 3

    Caption: Arrows show the purple the plant already accumulated!

    Strain: Blackout Purps
    High: Cerebral Stoned
    Taste/Smell: Citrus, Lemon, Skunky
    Look: Buds are completely purple or a few green/purple, bright orange pistils \t\t \t\t\t\t__________________
  2. Nice!!!! Send me a bean of that!!!:smoking:
  3. looks like a healthy start, but it is way to early to tell if the buds are gonna end up purple.
  4. When it's almost done flowering, leave it in the coldest place you can find a few nights when the lights are off. That'll give you more purple.
  5. ^^
    Using dry ice during flowering = colder temps, and extra CO2 for flowering.

    Just be careful not to let the CO2 build up too much.
  6. Hello did you not read what i had said before. i have a personal friend that grows this specifically i got a few seeds from like 3oz i got and planted them. I know what the buds are Some are just this amazing purple and bright neon orange pistils some are like green/purple and some just green
  7. some midnight oil

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  8. This bud doesnt look like that its condensed and like circular nugs
  9. Looks beautifuul bro.

    Can i find clones or seeds of this in the bay area of california?
  10. Do not know my buddy was growing it had a few seeds accidently mixed them with other purp strains and lucky got the right 1!

    If i was able to detect the diff seeds i would send you some. maybe the buds i get will have a seed or two like the bud i had before
  11. haha that'd be cool.

    Best of luck with this grow.

    Is this the grow thats in your signature?
  12. Yes this grow and my outside and a grow that my friend gave me a plant
  13. Aight i'll check it out. You should make a journal so more people could check this out under the journal section.
  14. dont know how to do that ha
  15. Hmm try askin a admin to move this thread over there. Or retitle and start a new one under the journal section.

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