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  1. Hey, this is my first acual indoor attempt and i have a few questions, firstly I am growing in a dresser that has a closet on it, its about big enough for 1 plant to stay, the question i have right now is will a Flouro blacklight be enough lighting for a sprouted plant, this is appx. a week old, i should have a pic of it up soon, if anyone can help i would appricate it alot. thanks,
  2. Blacklights,

    The lights you are asking of are not sufficient to use for production of marijuana plants, youl need something a bit better then blacklights if expecting to harvest anything at all, I suggest going to walmart and purchasing 2 dual bulb ballasts of 40 watts each bulb giving a total wattage of 160 watts of floros.... that should be a little better until you can get a better light such as maybe a 150watt hps to flower.... just remember to keep the plants 1inch from the floro bulbs as it will make nice thick dense plants...

    Good luck in your grows

  3. allright, well i got another question if i do use the black light for a few days until i can get the proper lighting will that effect anything? and if it was sprouted outside will it survive inside? thats the main factors i got right now ill keep ya posted.
  4. Yes you can use the black light for the time being im sure it wont hurt it but it isnt gonna help much.. better to use window sun...

  5. hey ive been lookin around my room and i found a high watt blacklight blub the only problem with it is that it gets sorta hot fast, im not exactly sure what this means but it says this on the blub if you could help me out with the meaning 180V75W if you know what that is let me know.
  6. yeah max input can be 180volts and max bulb output is 75watts !!

  7. so would 75 watts be good for lets say... 4-5 days? and how far do you think i should keep this from my baby? i dont wanna burn her
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