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Blacking Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. 5 times today i've stood up and sort of blacked out , almost passed out.

    Does anyone know what causes this ? ( Im completely sober )
  2. not enough oxygen to the brain
  3. One girl I knew in high school had a condition that caused her to black out if she stood up fast. I'd suggest to go to your doctor, as that's some serious crap.
  4. Blood sugar imbalance? See a doctor.
  5. happens to me every once in a while when i stand up too fast
  6. This one time in college I smoked a lot of weed in one sitting and then stood up to go outside for a cig and I blackout passed out like 3 times before I realized anything happened. I was also very sick with like pneumonia though. I think what I'm asking is are you ill?
  7. Ok well there's several factors involved in this. You could a)have low blood pressure overall, due to the vasodilation caused by weed, b) be slightly hypoxic due to shallow breathing or smoking OR c) have not eaten or drank anything in a while, and due to dehydration you've got low blood pressure?
    Just a few options from a medical standpoint, get some rest, or some fresh air, and maybe some food.
  8. Is it something to be worried about ?
  9. When did you last eat
  10. Your blood pressure could be a little low. I would definitely go to a doctor.
  11. ..oxygen and shit...?
    For real, man, go to a doctor! Some of us may be wise, but I'm sure we don't want you death on the grasscity conscious 'cause someone tells you something dumb xD
    Make an appointment.
  12. So many doctors.
  13. I've had this exact thing happen to me!
    from my experience it tends to happen when I haven't eaten a lot, am sitting weird at my desk then just get up.
    i'm pretty sure it's relatively normal do you have weird posture too while sitting?
  14. and damn your sig!! now i wanna go eat delicious, terrible for you food
  15. No it has to do with your blood sugar levels.
    When you stand up, the blood rushes out of your brain and because of the lack of blood your eyes vision turns to black.

    It can mean you just haven't eaten much, and it can mean you have Diabetes. Just check up with your doctor to be safe.
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    This happens to me every now and again when I stand up, but it has happened to me once twice while I was just walking. Once my vision when completely black and I almost passed out, it was crazy as hell.

    I guess you should see a doctor OP. If you don't want to see one right away/today, just rest and get some nourishment, see how you feel tomorrow

    Am I the only one that got a good laugh from this? I will forever associate diabetes with Wilford Brimley.
  17. Diabeetus.

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  18. It has to do with blood pressure.

    When you stand up your brain changes your cardic output so that your blood pressures changes.
    This may not be working well for you.

    And yeh, with less blood going to your brain, less oxygen.

    See a doctor rather than getting a diagnosis from pot smokers.

    If you dont wanna see a doctor then maybe your blacking out due to the loss of natural born Logic.

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