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Blacking Out When High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Flummytang, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Hey,

    This has happened to me twice now, so I figured I would post here since it has hopefully happened to others. I did some searches, and what I read helped me, but I figured I'd start a new post with my experiences to see if anyone can figure out what is going on here. Both times this happened, I had smoked a small amount of weed about 10 minutes beforehand.

    The first time this happened, a friend of mine had bought a half of this stuff, and he rolled two joints of it. We were driving to another town to stay at a friend's, and we smoked one joint between three people. We got done with it and went to this guys house. About 10 minutes later after we smoked it, we were standing out in this guy's garage and I started feeling weird. Things started feeling kind of intense and things started kind of fading out. Then it got worse and worse and worse until everything was so intense that I thought I was dying, and I couldn't see anything at all, it was 100% black. Reality seemed to be completely gone, and everything just felt terribly intense. It was the worst feeling in the entire world. The only thing real to me was the guy standing next to me's jacket, because I had at some point gripped onto it to keep my balance, and then I fell down on my ass and sat there for a while waiting to be able to understand what was happening and to be able to see. Slowly my vision started to come back, but things were still really intense. After about 2 or 3 more minutes, my vision came back almost entirely, but I still felt pretty weak. I continued to feel pretty weak until I sat down in the car, and then from there on out I felt great for the rest of the night. Even great enough to smoke a bowl with some other people, but I avoided the 2nd joint of the stuff I had smoked earlier. I just figured though that that stuff was laced with PCP, since it had never happened to me before. The guy who brought it hadn't tried it up until that point, but he said he felt completely normal. So did some of the other people, but a few people said that they didn't feel like they usually felt high, but none of them collapsed like me. The guy who got this stuff personally knows the grower, and he said it was definitely not laced. It was pretty cold out too, since this was like in March, so it wasn't heat related.

    Yesterday, I was at Bonnaroo checking out one of the bands, and I had just came down off of a shroom trip about an hour earlier, so I was pretty much 100% sober at this point. It was extremely hot out, over 90 degrees, but we were in a tent. The guy next to me pulled out a chillum and packed it and let everyone around him hit it a few times. I took 2 total hits, which wasn't enough to get me ripped or anything, but it was good stuff, so I was decently high. About 10 minutes went by, and I was enjoying the show, when all the sudden things started to get kind of intense. Immediately I recognized feeling like this, and sure enough stuff started fading away. I got really really weak, and tried fighting it off by taking deep breaths so I didn't have to passout in front of my sober brother, but it wasn't happening. I just told him "I'm about to passout" and after that everything got so intense that I couldn't talk or think about anything, and everything got pitch black. It was so intense that I couldn't even hear the music, just a muffled sound, and I couldn't keep my balance, and I was grabbing for everything I could find. According to my brother, I was just standing there with my jaw hanging open and my eyes about half open, stumbling and grabbing onto people around me, everyone thought I had ODed on something, because I looked lifeless. After about 5 minutes, my vision began to fade back in extremely slowly, and I left the tent and got some water and sat down. For the rest of the night I was sober and felt pretty drained.

    So I don't really know what happened. Both times it has happened to me, I had smoked only a small amount (one joint the first time, and two hits from a glass piece the 2nd time) and it happened like 10 minutes after I had stopped smoking, while just standing around talking or listening to music. I thought maybe yesterday's was heat related, since it was VERY hot out, and when I started to be able to comprehend what was going on around me after "blacking out", I noticed that I was drenched with sweat. But that wouldn't explain the first time, when it was pretty cold out, and the same exact thing happened to me. These two things are definitely related, so I'm trying to figure out what could have caused this? I've been smoking weed for quite a few years now, and this has never happened up until the last 6 months or so. Can anyone give me an idea of what happened? Thanks,

  2. i could be wrong...

    but i think that it is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain

    the time at bonarroo could have been that and not enough water

    next time try taking deep breaths and drinking water..i dunno why your situation sounds so much like an O.D or something
  3. maybe you forgot to breathe
  4. Shit that sounds pretty crazy, i just recommend having water with you when oyur smoking, and get some nice fresh air if you feel funny (sitting in a hotboxed tent with smoke in extreme heat cant be great). Ive only felt weird after smoking once, i was a on train goign out for the evening and had to get off and go back home, but that was just cos i was ill at the time. I wouldnt really know what else it could be. Unless you hardly ever smoke much, and then smoked some very high grade skunk.
  5. at bonaroo it oculd have just been a heat stroke.... if gotten them before ...and it sounds sorta what you described...
  6. Hey man, that happened to me about two months ago. It's from dehydration, without a doubt. Drink water after smoking, and eat, also, if you can. It makes a world of difference, and will rid of any chance of passing out.

    When it happened to me, I was just sitting with my headphones on checking out the forums heurrr, and then I just...dont know. Next thing, I wake up, and I'm on the ground next to my chair, headphones off my head, and blood on my forehead (speculate that I hit a nearby lamp base nearby on the ground haha). My first thought is that I'm super dehydrated or this funk is laced. I barely managed to stumble to the bathroom, thinking I was gonna die, and I just drink bottle after bottle of water; just keep filling 'em up and within five minutes, I'm fine. I dunno man, crazy shit.

    Take it easy.
  7. Dehydration could be it, because I definitely hadn't drank water in a while at Bonnaroo. When it had happened back in March or so the first time it happened, I can't remember if I'd had anything to drink in a while, but I would imagine I hadn't. I know it wasn't that it was just really good weed, because I've had much better that the stuff in both cases. Kind of strange that it has never happened to me when sober. This was definitely something that I don't think could happen when sober, it was almost like being on Salvia, but I am positive it wasn't, because Salvia happens instantly, where I can't see anything and everything is so intense that I can't even comprehend thoughts or have any memory of anything, its just like this horrible intense feeling, and thats all I can focus on. Pretty crazy. It sounds like it might be dehydration though, that'd make sense. Anyone else have similiar experiences to this? Thanks a lot to everyone who replied so far, it's helping a lot!

  8. This is just a shot in the dark, but maybe you're allergic to a particular strain of weed. It would explain why nobody else felt anything that night, and why it was the exact same reaction both times.

    everyboday has an allergy to something. I'm allergic to penecillin. It makes my throat close up.
  9. yeah i think that it is probably a combination of getting light headed and dehydration. this happens to me alot, especially if i am standing and what not, when i smoke and hold it in. so if you are taking a hit and you can sit... sit, it makes alot of difference. this also happens to me sometimes when i am sober. it is sort of like what you said, but only lasts like 5 minutes. when i dont eat very much, especially during the summer, i get really light headed, and cannot see anything. my eyes just like go out of focus, and i get dizzy and sick to my stomach, but then when i eat something, i am fine.

    you could also have lime disease. what you described is characteristic of lime disease, but then again this has only happened when you have smoked..... but how often do you smoke. if you are high more than sober, then you see my point. just make sure you do not have any red rings on your skin, and you do not have any ticks. have you ever been bitten by a tick?.... they carry it.

    have you had any surgery since this has started happening? anything at all. this sometimes happens to people after getting plastic surgery (implants). their body rejects the foreign object and attacks it...

    also..... how has your home/school life been while these have happened? stress can do this to you. if you are under high stress with your parents, or school, or work then stress could be doing it to you.
  10. Relax. You just pulled a whitey.

    All that happened was the pot dilated your blood vessels, and
    your blood pressure dropped suddenly. It's happened to me
    one or two times. It made you feel like you wanted to puke too, didn't it?

    It's nothing to worry about.
  11. fuck blood pressure....
  12. yup yup yup sounds like not enough sleep +not enough water + mixing different chemicals + to much heat/cold = no air to brain = black out. i would be worried. slow down. the water is probable the biggest. get gater aid and drink while you smoke
  13. Three times happened to me.

    1) Morning after smoking a lot, smoked a lot again, went to bathroom to leak ended up thinking i was sick or something like i could have puked

    2) Did puke, but figured it was because I was on a train, and I felt really dizzy just sitting there, wicked baked.

    3) Was on the boards, mom caught me and that kinda sent me into a panic attack i went upstairs to get some water on the way to bed ended up breaking a tooth on my counter.
  14. i blacked out once, but i was 5, so it wasn;t because of weed. it happened like how you explained it, like everything went black and i almost fell over. luckily i was sitting down. got me out of church though so it was totally worth it. this isn't helping you huh...
  15. my one friend who doesnt smoke that much got real real high with me and another dude after smoing some good chronic and some hash. The sonuvabitch SWORE and still does to this day that he blacked out lol. Whats funny about it is that we were all watching him the whole time and he never did. He would all of the sudden just bust out with "holy shit man i just blacked out".....haha thats my friends for you...
  16. while i was starting to come down off an 1/8 of shrooms me and my friends smoked a couple bowls in a hot tub and when i got out i just stood in the cold and i coudlnt feel it so i didnt care. Then when i went inside everything started to go black and i just tried as hard as i could to reach a bench but i ended up falling on the floor and hitting my head. I think the quick heat change fucked with me or something cuz its never happened again so maybe thats it too.
  17. its happened twice for me Both times i kept feeling like i was going to throw up and i had to sit down to keep from passing out my head got all tingly and i blacked out for a sec but it passed in about 5 - 10 mins so i guess its normal
  18. That's happened to me once too. I was in my garage with a bunch of other guys who were sharing a couple of joints and kicking a ball around whilst I was standing to one side getting ripped with my bong. Then things seemed to get a bit darker and the outermost parts of my vision went very colourful. I wasn't worried at this point because this had actually happened before and regressed from that point back to normality (I just thought it was something that occassionally happened when I was very high). This time though, it kept getting darker and darker until I could only see the outlines of people playing football. By this time, my legs were feeling quite weak, but I thought I'd just ride it out. Soon it was pitch black and I reckon it stayed that way for around three or four minutes before I could start to see outlines again. My vision slowly went back to normal from there, but I was still quite weak in the legs for a while. It was pretty scary at the time I suppose, but it was a kind of cool experience as well.
  19. well i donno if yall have said this yet and it prob isnt why but anyone heard of cold chills when u eat alot and smoke on a full stomach and drnk alotta liquid before u smoke alot u get chills and everythings dizzy and u puke everywhere and u cant control it and u just blackout its happened to me before no pleasent at all and u just want the high to end yes i said want it to its so painful and not fun my friend tried explaining it to me its like ur stomach cant handle anything else and u have to eat but u cant and ur thirsty but u cant drink so u get chills and u get really really dizzy and ur so confused and shit its fucked up
  20. Fuck, I had a whole bunch written to answer this and the wrong key made it all go away. Fuck!!!

    If you start to black out, sit and put your head between your knees as quick as you can. The idea is to get your head lower than your heart. Works for me!

    If this happen's a lot, see a doc for a full physcial. I suggest an internist. Tell him or her everything including that you smoke and if you do any other drugs and take any meds and what happened each time you blacked out. They won't snitch. At least mine won't. It's a Doctor-Patient thing.

    As an official member of the OFC (Old Farts Club) I can't stress too much: take care of your fucking body--it's the only one you get.

    I didn't and look at me now at 71. Oh well, what the fuck! Take care!

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