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Blacked out!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FredGalaxy, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I took in a hit, then stood up. Next thing I know I'm on the floor... Has this happened to you? It scared the shit out of me!
  2. It has happened to me several times
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  3. This happens sometimes when I stand up too fast when I'm not high. Just take your time getting up lol.

    Used to do that on purpose in highschool but it involved taking a extra breath holding it while you stand and blowing into your thumb as hard as you can without letting smoke out
  4. It happened to my buddy while we were at a baseball tournament smoking in the hotel bathroom before a game he went on to have one of the best games I ever saw him play after that tho

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  5. Worst feeling yet would be cool on carpet. :)
  6. Knockout kush.
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  7. Sounds like you have blood pressure issues, if you can get past the pot. Best thing to do is see your doctor. Explain the situation completely and let him decide whether it's something to worry about.

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  8. Has happened to me twice. Basically cannabis causes your blood pressure to drop (which is why your eyes get red) so if you already have low blood pressure, say from not eating much that day, you can pass out from standing as your body has a harder time pumping blood to your brain. First time it happened to me, I had been sitting and smoking a blunt then stood up, passed out, woke up and took a few steps, and then passed out again. That was the worst as we were outside and the ground was concrete. Totally took a gash out of my head and called an ambulance for myself as the guy I had been smoking with ran off (never, ever, smoke with strangers, even if they seem cool). Second time I was at a mutual friends house, we all wanted to hit some large snaps. Well I cleared the snap like a boss, then proceeded to sit down. I suddenly felt my head feeling light and my vision going dark, and, knowing what was coming, I was able to tell my friends I was about to blackout. I woke up on the floor to them shaking me and asking if I was alright. I was totally cool but it scared my best friend as he had never seen that before. It's a pretty unpleasant feeling honestly, but nothing to keep worrying about.
  9. LOL

    This actually happened to me the other day for the first time...after 31 years of smoking weed. I was in the kitchen, took a hit, and--BAM! I hit the floor. :mellow:

    To be fair, though, I had just taken a double shot of whiskey a few minutes before, and the bowl I was smoking was some insanely loud dispensary weed spiked with an indica shatter. Manny Pacquiao would have hit the floor, I think.

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