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Blacked Out After Smoking.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonersar, May 23, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I'm Sarah and I've been a regular smoker for over 3 years and never been severely negatively effected. However, yesterday something scary happened. I went to smoke on a natural trail with my boyfriend after getting lunch at a Chinese buffet when typically, I eat healthy. We used his bong and were sparking the whole bowl and repacking it after every hit. After one rip, I immediately felt like something was wrong. I started sweating and I thought I was going to puke. I tried to hold back how I felt and the sound began to mute and I began to cough. Things are fuzzy from here on but I tried getting up several times and collapsed. My vision went white and I could almost barely see anything. My boyfriend had to hold me up and this went on for what seemed to be 5 to 7 minutes. I genuinely was so scared and no idea where I was going to wake up. We walked back to the car and slowly my vision began to come back. For the rest of the day I felt so out of it and kept nodding off. I drink more than enough water and typically eat healthy. I'm not sure if the MSG has anything to do with it but I'm concerned.
  2. oxygen deprivation? 
  3. sounds like your a pussy
  4. This has happend to 3 of my friends. I dont smoke as much at once to avoid scary moments. Call me a pussy but I dont like being uncomfortably high. No clue why people pass out.
  5. Just a bad trip you'll be okay. Bad trips are like periods they happen randomly and they don't feel good.
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    Delete tis
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    Sounds like you were just fainting. If you came back from blacking out within minutes, it may have just been that instead of a "bad trip." 
  8. Perhaps you greened out?
  9. I am no doctor......
    Everything you describe sounds like the symptoms of a partial seizure....
    You may want to look it up and see what you think.... i would post you some links but posting from my phone....
    Again not a doctor....just some epileptic on the internet...
  10. could be an allergic reaction to the msg. or like somebody said you over smoked.  Try the buffet again see if it kills you...JK
  11. This happened to my buddy a few years ago after taking some gravity bong rips and he fell ass first into the cooler that was holding the water. It almost happened to me once as well but after taking some deep breaths I was ready to keep on toking. I really think it has something to do with oxygen deprivation like someone previously stated. You may have just been super high lol If I start tripping out while high it sets off like a chain of different feeling through out my body till I remember I'm just stoned then everything is back to normal. 
  12. i was going to go with the vague answer of just oxygen deprivation myself until you said this lasted for several minutes.
    if you really where unconscious for 5-7 minutes jerking and not able to see, I would seek medical attention.
    if you had passed out for a few seconds, ya i would go with oxygen deprivation.
    but the convulsing and 5-7 minutes thing is kind of scary.
    good luck OP.

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