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  1. here is a pic of a strain that is new to me but as soon as I saw it I was like WTF that is the most beatiful weed I've ever seen and I must have some, If anyone knows anything about this strain or knows where to acquire any seeds of this strain please send me a PM.

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  2. one more pic

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  3. That looks pretty good.. I wouldn't mind having some seeds to grow that myself..
  4. O_O looks like candy... I want some.. NOW
  5. Those pics are from Psychotropic Nomad's gallery at OverGrow, you can get that strain from different seed banks.
  6. Damn, those nug's look so tastey, :D I have been on a break for 4 days, and today im tokin with some buddies! So it's all good!

  7. mmmmmmm nuggets thats some dank lookin stuff man.
  8. Beautiful. Fucking beautiful.
  9. I tried this stuff a few months back and it looks better than it smokes (maybe hence the seed price)Gimmee a good sativa anyday
  10. im over here drooling...

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