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black spots?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by amnesiac, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. ive got a BUNCH of little black spots on my poor white rhino. what should i do? she was getting a few insect bites so ive sprayed her with some crap i found at a garden centre. its this 3 in 1 miticide insecticide fungicide for roses and fruits and whatnot. i called the bastards looking for neem oil and was not happy when i realized i drove all the way out there a 1% neem oil non-organic spray bottle that if inhaled, could potentially kill you. i dont see anymore white insect bites but what i think im seeing is every single little bite turning black on both sides of the leaf. from perhaps absorbing this crap. ill go take a pic. ... all the crap dried up and the blackspots have returned to normal. if you all only knew how bad that just killed my high. check out the pics anwho feb 28th to march 7th.
  2. I can't see the black spots. Try the miticide, it hopefully will work. The neem is poisonous to the skin eyes, etc. when sprasying it. It should be fine to use. I have gotten it on my hands and as long as you wash it off with soap you should be fine. What is the pH and PPM just for my curiosity? Plant looks good.
  3. ive used neem oil many of times indoor and outdoor. its not that bad. i use 100pct organic einstein oil. 100pct cold extract (the good stuff)

    spidermites' waste often show up as black spots, its kinda a dark dried up honey dew spot is basically what it is.
  4. what i meant to say by "the blackspots went back to normal" was that when the miticide had dried up the black spots completely disapeared. it looked like all the dry spots that both were and werent visible before had turned black. it was a f'in buzz kill and a half. i wrote the post and went back for a picture to noticed they had disappeared in a matter of 10 minutes. ive been keeping my ec at 5.8-5.9 with an ec of .55. i dont know how to convert that to tds. :hide:
  5. I hate to doubt your seeds, but I dont think you have white rhino...I have some experience with the rhino and they looked completely different from what you have.

    Make sure you got what you paid for.


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