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Black Spots on liver from Smoking POT??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by purplehazeguy, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I recently went for a blood test and I got the results from them today
    They said I have black spots on my liver as well as an iron defiency
    I also smoke cigaretes every now and then ,can these spots be from
    My acessive use off pot or cigarettes?? Their doing another blood
    Test in about 2 months anyway I can make them go away ??!? ):

  2. Never heard of this happening because of marijuana, I'm not sure about cigs.

    But hey, free bump. :smoke:
  3. i didnt think smoking had anything to do with your liver. do you drink? thats a more plausible possibility to me. if not than...i dunno.
  4. Nope, your marijuana use would not be a contributing factor to this condition.
  5. We has nothing to do with this. you may wanna check it may be more serious.
  6. ITT: we all blame cigarettes and pretend like weed is perfect for us

    it's probably the cigarettes bro

  7. How exactly did they come to the conclusion that you had "black spots" on your liver with a simple blood test? If you had elevated liver enzymes, this doesn't mean you have spots or what I'm guessing they mean either cysts or you have cirrhosis which can't be confirmed without a catscan or ultrasound.

    Can you be more specific with what they told you or can you get the actual blood test results?
  8. If there are black spots on your liver, just cut yourself open and spraypaint your liver red again. While you're cut open, see if you can fit the end of 9-iron somewhere in there to help that deficiency. came to a pot forum for medical advice. What did you expect? :D
  9. How can a bloodtest say you have black spots on ya liver?

  10. who's pretending? :D
  11. Definetly not the MJ, even tobacco shouldn't have anything to do with your liver... you didn't down a lot of dirty bong water as a dare did you? :eek:
  12. EVERYTHING must pass through your liver to detoxify, it is your livers job to rid the toxins within your body, including all that you put in it. Liver damage can be caused by a poor diet, drinking alcohol, yes nicotine consumption and even some THC passes through your liver.

    I would quit smoking altogether for a while, and or drinking if your doing that too. If you think you have a poor diet then you need to check that as well. Your liver is a very resilient organ and can snap back pretty quickly from what I've heard and read, so I wouldn't stress out over it too, but you need to cut out some stuff for a while. The hardest thing for you to do will be to quit smoking cigarettes, but I highly suggest you do that.
  13. If a doctor or anyone for that matter is telling you this is from marijuana, then they are wrong and trying to give herb a bad rep.

  14. Nobody blamed cigarettes or even said it was cigarettes. I said I don't know if cigs would do that, and everyone else plain didn't mention them. :rolleyes:
  15. Marijuana is a relatively benign fact, the biggest health risk with marijuana is when you SMOKE it.

    Is marijuana 100% healthy for you? No, but it's safer than cigarettes, alcohol and even most foods a lot of us eat on a daily basis.

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