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    So black ops has been out for about for about two months now all my gamers what are your thoughts?
  2. I've had it for about a month and my total playtime is about 2 hours. Should give you an idea of how much I like it so far
  3. Seems like they put a lot of effort into the game but to be honest I think the call of duty franchise is killed Or on the verge of dying

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  4. But don't get me wrong I still like to go around and shoot motherfuckers Or go on zombies what ever

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  5. Not bad but eh. I have like 11k kills and I'm sorta tired of it for the time being... whereas I played MW3 for a year and got well over 100k kills without really getting too tired
  6. got it a week after release where the hit detection sucked balls. still there but not as bad as it used to...i think i have like 12 hours on the multiplayer. i like playing it against bots more so then people for some reason though
  7. Its pretty good when the connection is good. I agree that the hit detection/latency needs to be fixed but I enjoy it.
  8. Yea it's not a bad game but it could be better if you know what I'm saying?, like after the first black ops I wasn't really a fan of treyarch but this game has hanged my views and opinions on them, like trying to change scorestreaks, perks and add things was pretty nice but the actual gameplay is decent I feel you ride sayy to fast, the knife is absolutely horrible and the spawning on the game pisses me off. But I got 13k kills and I'm getting kind of bored but switching around score streaks makes it a little tougher and interesting, I could play it for awhile but not hours and hours at a time you know? Just a stress reliever ! Activision is the shit and I hope another call of duty comes out by them hopefully cause that was a fanfare I couldn't drop maybe for 30 mins but Nahhh that's my shit lol besides the boosting and danger close tubing omg -.-
  9. Yeah shows you didnt give the game a chance and wasted $$.
  10. I fully agree with you man the hit markers are ridiculous and I love how when dodging bullets ou in aroun a corner out of the line of fire and I seer the bullet chases ou around
    The corner or you drop dead several seconds later AND what makes me freak.. Is when you start shooting somebody then outta nowhere they fire back and kill you what is that?....
  11. Yea man ^^ I feel on that one. I have seen the phrases "Connection Interrupted" and "Host Migration" countless times.
  12. I played it at friends house to see if I wanted to buy it.

    Didnt buy it...
  13. Maps and spawn point system is a little broken. I remember exploiting the spawns on Yemen and went 30-3 or something like that yea FFA is a little busted.
  14. IMO, there are many many problems in the game. Especially lag compensation. But overall I like the game enough to play. Some maps are playable but maps like aftermath are just unplayable.
  15. I quit after the first week except for zombies. Been playing cod4 for multiplayer. This is the first call of duty i wont get max rank in im thinking.
  16. Wish I didn't waste my money it
  17. I got it at the midnight release the only cod besides waw I'm not amazing at like on blops, mw1 and 2 bit now my disc tray is broken so no games for Meh
  18. I really think they could have done better. But eh I like Infinity Ward games better. Pisses me off when I'm high cuz I can't get no damn kills. I could get used to it though.
  19. xX Exiled 420

    Should add me and play some zombies! :)

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