Black on new growth.

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  1. Im not really sure what this is, it’s my first time growing. I noticed this sort of black growth on my plants this morning. We have had a lot of rain the last week.

    Strain: Dinamed cbd plus
    Substrate: black earth and a lot of perlite
    Containers: 15 gal smart pots.

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  3. Thats just the strain , new growth is healthy yes?
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  4. Things still look good aside from the black looking growth. I tried to upload pics I’m not sure if they worked or not.
  5. genetics is the only explanation i got bro
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  6. Honestly, I’m good with that. I appreciate your help eh.
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  7. No problem
  8. It could be from temps. I was thinking it was a fungus, possibly sooty mold.
  9. As it grew out it was purple from the chilled weather. After 4 days of pouring rain followed by 3 days of sun and like 30 degree weather the ladies are growing fast and brutal.

    Thanks eh
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  10. I noticed after fimming if I mist them the light will dry the he'll out of the cut spot.

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