black n milds?

Discussion in 'General' started by skatethebowls, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. i've tried the original flavor but it didnt taste that great, i just enjoy the buzz. Are there any that actually taste good? Or are phillieblunts better?
  2. cream is where its at
  3. Try the wine, they're pretty good.
  4. Ya wine and cookies and cream did the trick for me when I was a cook at a restaurant nice light headed feeling and when your high its boost is awesome. I quit though

    Djarum Blacks :D
  5. Cream.

  6. Wine man its the way to go.

    i got tired of them but after like 2 months of enjoyment and bliss

    apples not bad either

    but also you should consider that i cannot even smoke an original flavor black cause thats how bad it taste to me after smokin apple & wine
  7. do you guys know if freaking them (removing inner paper) removes the flavoring? Because i had a freaked apple and it tasted like the regular flavor.
  8. apple is the best in my non expert opinion
  9. wine is the best
  10. i just tried a cherry for the first time and it is my new choice of any tobacco to smoke. omygod i love cherry and milds now soooo much.
  11. i need to find a cherry b&m. i like all of the flavors except mild. the regulars are ok if you dont smoke them for a long time. apple are good unless they get even a tad stale, then they make me wanna puke. i never freak any of my blacks, i dont feel like wasting 5 minutes on it.

  12. One of my boys can freak a black in under a minute.. I don't know how he does it but i told him we should youtube it XD

  13. If you do i'd love to see it.
  14. Wine or Mild for me, but only when I'm drunk or xanny'd out.
  15. ya dont roll up blunts with blacks man..just puff on them as is..

    phillies are really just for blunts, they suck hella ass just being smoked.
  16. i used to smoke swishers, all by themselves. i didnt inhale em, but just keeping the smoke in my mouth gave me a nice buzz. my friend used to get on me for it, hed say his grandparents smoke em.
  17. yo dont smoke blacks man i just smoked one and it made me throw up, i had no bud so i got a black, bad idea i used to smoke blacks all the time when i was in highschool but i stoped and i will never go back.:hello:

  18. I freaked a cream and it didn't taste like cream. Does it take away the flavor?
  19. Cherry Vanilla...ahh,brings back memories.
  20. I donno man... even though I used to smoke Cigs, I can honestly say I don't really enjoy the taste of any tobacco at all. IMO, it all tastes like shit.

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