black n milds

Discussion in 'General' started by jgrant391, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. out of all the varieties, which do you guys think is best? i've only tried out the originals but i was wonderin what everyone thought about the other flavors
  2. Apple by far. Tastes bomb, and makes the room smell great :D

    Wine flavored arent bad either, they taste like Grape Phillies, except better. Too many of them give you a headache though.
  3. I like the regs and the apples i havent had any in a long time though. The last time i had some they started to make me feel weird and not in a good way so i stopped and stuck to my newports. Its funny though all the dudes in my high school use to lie and talk about how fucked up they got off of blacks and i would just laugh.
  4. just the regs for me
  5. Cream and apple are both dope flavors. I always mix it up though, sometimes vanilla is nice. Havent tried wine yet but I saw them at this one gas station, gotta pick em up.

    What I really enjoy now are "Dutchies", dutch masters version of the black and mild, but they have a strawberry flavor that is rediculous, even though i suspect only the mouthpiece is flavored not the tabacco.

  6. Yeah boy, I tried those about a week and ahalf ago, thats all I Been smokin since, shit is goooood!!!
  7. funny this thread was made me and my bro were going to smoke a indian rolled black and mild tommorow:hello:
  8. i haven smoked a b&m that i didint like. wine are good as hell.
    them dutchies sound good too. dutches are all i roll my blunts with.
  9. i like the ones that dont make me feel like im dying...wait, they dont make those do they?

    really, ive smoked em, dont mind em, but i normally stick to ciggs unless im in a pinch
  10. used to smoke the regular ones all the time, but all i smoke now is a wine one every once in awhile.

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