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Black Mucus

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SammySess, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey blades,

    im sort of worried... no i AM worried...

    This past week ive been coughing up black phlegm, like i dont have the urge to cough but when i do cough its a slightly chesty cough and i cough up black phlegm :(

    What could it mean? Do any of you have similar problems? I smoke MJ every day out of a bong at LEAST 8 bowls a day for about 2 months now and previously smoking at least 3 joints a day for a year and previously 4 blunts a day for about a year.... as for the bong i have a habit of chain hitting it, clearing one bowl then immediately loading it and hitting it again.

    I stopped smoking yesterday morning and my lungs felt clearer but im still coughing up black phlegm. Is this a result of smoking.. do i need a doc?

  2. Marijuana tars are released from the lungs through your phlegm. It's actually a good thing. Coughing up black phlegm is normal if you are severely congested. Have you caught a cold recently?
  3. legit bong? because plastic causes that shit hard.
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    Holy ASS you have given your self a fine coat of tar!!!
    There is something that you can do to make this stop for you, but it WILL require a significant drop in your regimen you've gone to far practicing. Quit for a good week (two if you would like better benefits), exercise at least an hour a day (a half hour if you can't take the 1 hr strain), and of all things, use ONLY the bong 3 time a day at the MOST.

    This will drop your tolerance, increase your blood flow, and make smoking less harsh on you.
    A dropped tolerance allows your weed to last longer per dose, your increased blood flow will allow your weed to flow through you like water on a mountain, and the bong WILL TAKE OUT THE TAR AND BLACK SHIT so you don't take it in anymore.

    Condition still lasting?

    Stop entirely.
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    Thanks so much for the replies guys. Im gonna stop smoking until im healed.

    Marsbergen: Yeah i had a cold last weekend which cleared up on like tuesday.. why?

    GetaJob: I have a legit glass bong.. but every glass bong ive used i sometimes get a tar buildup in the roof of my mouth which i can literally just scoop up with my finger.. normal?

    PS. My roommate just ordered an extreme Q vaporizer... could i smoke that when it arrives or do vapes still contain lung irritants?

  6. Vape is the way to go.

    Since im not smoking.... I just made some Canna Caps LOL (THC pills) with the oil i am infusing.

    I emptied out 6 glutamine peptide capsules and put in the oil and just swallowed them alllllll! Its safe to use those right? they look like this:

    I will report back with results.

    PS: MJ has now been infusing for four days in virgin coconut oil. Lets see if this hits me hard. I hope i didnt OD :p
  8. UPDATE 2 its been 15 minutes and im already feeling a little buzzed ?!
  9. this is something that i have never experienced
  10. Hold on tight, its going to be a bumpy ride :eek::eek:
  11. For real, you're smoking way too damn much if this shit is happening, bro. Cut back!
  12. Been smoking for like 6 years and havent coughed up black shit yet. I have a couple friends that started at the same time as me and they have coughed up tar before. They also smoke hella cigs though. Hope you get better OP, it should stop after a little while.
  13. cough up all the flephem resin stuff and and put it on a plate and dry it out, and smoke it. evently the resin in your lungs will be gone just like my mind because im so high and laughing so much.
  14. The one time period I've experienced coughing out black phlegm, was when I had a bad cold last November. I was also smoking weed while I had the cold, so my phlegm was black from all the weed.
  15. I suggest a new bong (or switch to a vape), less usage, and let yourself heal. And I personally don't know anyone who has ever got a "tar build up" on the roof of their mouth after hitting a bong.
  16. lmfao
  17. guise i think OP knocked himself out with those pills lolol
  18. Yeah! 6 pills would get anyone feeling incredibly high, he's crazy!
  19. Hate to break it to ya buuuut your going to turn into an alien...Trust me i saaw it in District 9 true shit man...:rolleyes:
  20. ... are you fucking with us?

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