Black Leaf Bird Cage review - RevJacq is back

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  1. Hey guys!
    If anyone of you still remember me, I am back from an extended break and starting to do my reviews again.
    For those who have no idea who I am; hi, I'm Revjacq and I do reviews on YouTube :)

    So it's been 3 years since my last video and after contemplating not bothering anymore I got my finger out and finally did another review, this one is of the Black Leaf Bird Cage.

    This is a cracking little compact bong with a unique percolator and a logo that I absolutely love.

    Hope you enjoy the review and as always, make sure to subscribe as I'll be doing reviews regularly again.
  2. Nice review, and a nice piece. Keep it up!
  3. Thanks a lot!
    Dont forget to check out my older vids and more video reviews will be on the way for sure so don't worry about that :thumbsup:
  4. Good to see you're at it again. In a way it was your video on the BL Triple Perc precooler that led me to cobble together a travel rig based around it, with a J-hook and some other bits and bobs.
  5. Awh, thanks a lot =)
    Glad to see I've been of service to at least one person then!

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