Black holes just nothing.

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  1. Okay you know how we have this perpetuating idea about how stupid people of the past are for believing what they did about reality, well I believe our sarcastic sense of humor has extended into the future (present) and we are now teaching that black holes are the existance of dense matter, but in my imagination I suppose that really black holes are the absense of matter, which we call nothing, and like bubbles of water move through our cosmos based on the basic force of pressure, density and energy like all other things.
  2. It is dense matter. When massive stars (red giants?) run out of fuel they collapse in on themselves, making an area of extremely dense matter. So dense that gravity is x times stronger than its previous form. This is why light can't escape it.
  3. I imagine the explosion of a star resulting in a burst of energy radiating the spacematter nearby it and destroying incredible amounts of energy by exceeding the limit point of its potential and creating an area of space which is empty and unescapable.
  4. a black an infinitly small point...of infinite density man... hence the whole it sucks in every and anything and they will (eventually) consume the entire universe if they are a constant system and do not fail after many many many many billions of milleniums
  5. maybe no infinite...
  6. Ultimately speaking... yeah, black holes are nothing... and so are you.

    Relatively speaking... black holes are dense matter... the quantum vacuum is nothing... which is where black holes exist anyway.
  7. its a singlularity, meaning its gravity pulls into a point to small for any instrument/mind to fathom and its density is infinite because denisty D=m/v and there is no volume in the black hole therefore the mass is divided by 0 meaning there is no answer and it has an infinite pull but gravitational pull is in direct relation to mass and denisty.... therefore meaning, its mass can be infinite and that means the density is infinity divided by 0. Smashed by math lol
  8. Black holes have volume and mass...

    And emit Hawking Radiation so they are probably not a constant or infinite system.
  9. Personally, i think the mass of a black hole is dependent on what ever it has consumed.
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    In order to have volume, it would have to have a "fillable" space, there is technically an infinitly smally space that is continually being filled with things that are also infinitly small, therefore taking up an infinitly small volume, while the mass of the object technically wouldnt "change" accounting it wasnt turned completely into energy spinning as fast as it would be near the event horizon..... Like a cup, holds a cup of water.... a black hole...has infinitly small space...meaning its never actually a size its just always a size smaller..... Its an anomaly... thats why we dont know shit about them lol it doesnt make sense...... and the emitting of various radiations and energies makes perfect sense..... it would require MASSIVE amounts of energy to sustain a black home.... that is the exhaust.... as for why its not instantly sucked back got me dude
  11. Where do you think the term "super-massive black hole" came from? If black holes had no size or mass, how could one be bigger than another?
  12. the "size" of a black hole is in reference of distance of suspected event horizon to singularity, i will agree that black holes can appear to have different sizes due to having larger gravitational fields that can absorb light, making the "dark spot" seem larger, when in reality, the singularity, is the black hole...the rest is the effect of it pulling in so strongly....yes...there are different sizes of pulls produced, but the a singularity regardless
  13. Here....its like this, if you took an invincible trampoline....and its surface was the universe and you place a nail on it point down, the point of the nail is the black hole it will bend the universe inward so matter would "roll" towards it as such a trampoline being pushed down would, now add matter to the black hole...something slides towards the nail but when it gets to the nail it doesnt sit next to it, it is placed on top of the nail, so the nail is still only touching the trampoline at that one point, but the added weight ( only on the tramp is it weight because of gravity in the model it represents mass) it would drag the tram down, making the dip deeper and shit would roll towards it faster, but its still only pulling towards the same sized point... just more pull
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  15. if nothing is nothing it is constituting nothing as a category of something hahahaha paradoxical speech
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  20. hahah thank my hs physics teacher for that one....he brought a reinforced tramp bed into class and we did this with a larger headed nail.... course it punctured the tramp when we tried to put a bowling ball on it..... and the universe fucking collapsed on us

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