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Black Cherry Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CRAZYKID423, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So, i just bought a gram to try this out and man, this is amazing! I've bought from this guy before and it was amazing so i figured i would buy again, im pretty happy haha. I believe its 100% sativa but im not to positive on that.
    -Enjoy :smoke:

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  2. the looks like some durban poison i had
  3. nice pretty tight bud!

    I thought kush would be indica tho

  4. That's true are you sure your dealer isn't just making shit up LOL :confused:
    Still looks like some good stuff! :smoking:
  5. Kush = Indica
    Haze = Sativa

    At least that's what I've come to be told. Looks dank either way :smoking:.
  6. well i asked, im SUPER stoned at the moment so i dont remember witch, but its 100% lol cause this is the highest ive ever been off of one bowl lolllll sooo ill let u know when i pick up some more :smoke:
  7. one hundred percent indica or sativa doesn't make you higher. %50/50 with the same amount of thc would do that same amount of high
  8. Look's delicious, but 100% sativa?
  9. he probably just said it and im really stoned, again lol so whatever it is its definitely amazing! :hello:

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you have that backwards. Normally Kush would be more of a Sativa and Purps are normally Indicas.

    Sativas = Active High
    Indicas = Lazy High
  11. looks rly tasty :smoke:
  12. #13 dreamer88, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2011
    Idk what you mean by 'Purps' since there are Sativas that are purple, Indica's that are purple, and Crosses that are purple, but Kush is definitely predominantly Indica by genetics;

    Yes, perhaps an oversimplification, but for the most part:
    Sativa = Uplifting, energetic high
    Indica = Relaxing, body high
  13. Mmmm looks good bro

    Thats also a pretty dense nug
  14. Ima ask that again, couldnt sativas have a body high? I mean I thought its all about the amber/cloudy ratio of the trichomes when harvesting.
    For exmaple some haze with 70 percent amber and 30 percent cloudy would rather give you a body high?
  15. Wait...weed gets you high?

    And in any case, props to the op for some very very dank bud. :D
  16. nice dnak pick up bruh

  17. yes...But! Some growers and connoisseurs share a belief that the amber to cloudy ratio can hint to a plants sativa or indica dominance based on the ratio prior to harvest... The genetics play more of a significant role in the nature of the high in a more immediate sense. The amber to cloudy ratio would be better used when dealing with the age of the flower after harvest and its maturity prior to harvest, in my opinion, simply because I can say for certain that I have smoked weed with mostly amber trichomes and have had a very uppity, panic inducing high...just saying.

    so yes but no? maybe but proly not in short.
  18. If it was 100% sativa the strain would be called "sativa".
  19. ok thanks, I didnt know it was just a belief I thought it was common knowledge :)
    I mean I would try it out if I could grow now, two sativas with different amber/cloudy ratio and then compare the high.

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