black/brown specks on buds, Need Help!

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  1. I'm running a small closet grow and I'm on day 120, day 60 of flowering, and I'm about 1-2 weeks from harvest so i started looking at the trichomes. I was using a 60x loop to look at the trichomes's when i noticed a black speck... then I started seeing more. This is just with a normal camera at a distance.(sorry for picture quality) IMG_3648.JPG this was zoomed in so see a bit more IMG_3649.JPG And finally this horrific view. I snipped this small bud off prematurely just to really see the damage and got this pic. IMG_3652.JPG I recently bought a aloe vera from home depot that i didn't check very thoroughly before placing it in the grow room and I'm assuming that could be a source.I'm assuming this is the poop,eggs,or the actual pest. I need help identifying and what the best way to go about this would be. Any help soon would be greatly appreciated, and I can include any other information needed to help identify.
  2. Have you seen any bugs to make you think this is an infestation? Generally no bugs means no eggs.
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    I haven't caught any or seen any but I'll keep looking, and I also have no idea what else it could be. I'm just assuming. But the black dots are typically around buds, not usually on leaves. I don't see anything off with the leaves other than them losing color because I'm flushing them. And the specks don't move so maybe a growth of some sort? And I'm pretty sure it's not the trichomes turning that color so I'm thinking maybe droppings of an insect but I don't see anything(maybe not looking in the right place)
  4. When I zoom in more they look like dead aphids

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