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  1. Whenever I litter I always justify it by saying i'm creating a job for someone and I was right ;) Today at lunch I smoked weed w/ the guys that pick up trash on the side of the road.

    I guess it was my personal little thank you to them ;)
  2. "I used to pick up 'trash' along the side of the road............ I prefer to meet 'em' up in strip clubs."

    (rim shot) :)

    :p HA :) HA :) HA :eek: HA :) HA :) HA :p
  3. It took me soooooo long to get that, i'm such a retard sometimes ;)
  4. Littering huh? Hopefuly you'll never have to be one of those people picking it up huh, like our friend roach. J/k!!!
  5. I was thinking about this subject on the way in this morning.

    BPP first rule of littering: If you have to throw something out the car window, I mean ABSOLUTELY have to throw it out, make sure you throw it in somebody's front yard so they will pick it up for you and put it in the trash can.
  6. LMFAO!......Then quit driving by my house BPP!!! :smoking:
  7. lol @ roach!!!!

    Littering is not bad. It is work for prisoners, it can be food for bugs and animals, or if it's a newspaper it's a warm blanket for the homeless!
    So do Mother Earth good and litter today! Someone will be glad you did.

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