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bitchy girlfriend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cheech17, May 23, 2006.

  1. my gf is always naggin about when i get baked and play video games, sorry its a habbit.
    she also dont like how i smoke as much as i do.

    im just frustrated right now

    we have been goin out for 10 months...

    she was a virgin before we started goin out..
  2. if you really care about her, you'll put her needs before your own. if you're unwilling to do that, then you know you don't really love her.
  3. yuuupppp :cool:

    ...not saying to change everything about you FOR her, like not smoking and all that, but i think you catch the drift
  4. i say dump and my girlfriend had similar problems....i changed things about me and even stopped smoking and drinking for a year. she didnt change anything about herself.
  5. is this just you bitching about getting shit from the ball'n'chain *cough cough* I mean... girlfriend?

    or is she actually threatening to break up with you after being ok with the weed for these 10 months?

    I don't know man, if you can end the relationship and still be gettin laid, then do it. its workin for me.
  6. IMO, if she can't accept you as who you are, she's not worth it. If you get a girl who wants to change everything you stand for, drop it while its hot.
  7. Well, too me, i would NEVER quit smoking pot if a girl asked me too, i've been doing it for a long time, noone is going to stop me from doing it..

    As for the author of the thread, dude, if she can't deal with what you do, than dump her..
  8. i second that, if she so apposed to smoking as to dump u then she shouldnt have gone out with u in the first place. if nothing has changed about u smoking y should u have to stop, just because she decited she doesnt like u smoking.
    i dont see a point for girls to do that, ive had 3 gf's that have done that shit to me, i never stopped and that wasnt the reason any of them dumped me
  9. Before sitting down and playing your game chill with her for a bit maybe do something she really wants to do. For the pot thing if it doesn't hurt in any way it's her problem and she can learn to bend a little, I assume you buy your own. Good Luck.
  10. Man am I glad my fiance and I smoke a lot of weed and play video games together :)
    As for the chick: dump her, relationships are about adjusting to each other, not molding one person to the other one's liking.
  11. "Don't get me wrong, I love weed. I love it! But not as much as I love pussy.." Thurgood-Halfbaked

    Live by it
  12. there is only one solution to this.....get her to smoke the jane! :smoking:
  13. That sucks, work something out, my girlfriend used to hate when i we rip bongs together all the time, its the most amazing thing sometimes to me.
  14. People who don't tolerate weed and smokers of weed... have a character flaw. So, sit her down and be straight with her. If she reacts incorrectly... rub her face in it. Like a dog. Because that's how you train a BITCH.

    Haha, I'm sorry... that was innapropriate. But seriously. Don't let that bitch try and wear the pants in your relationship. You're better than that.
  15. i dont think id have a relationship with a girl who had a problem with somthing i like so much. i think asking me to not smoke weed would be an obvious no go area.

    its all fair enough saying you need to change for her sake becuase you love her. but why should you conform to her morals? you have just as much right to choose to smoke and she has decide its bad. if she has a problem with it she can change for your sake.

    or the best of both worlds, maybe you could comprimise. try talking to her about it.
  16. well, she would never break up with me, she loves me to death, and she does accept my smoking most of the time. i sometimes "accidently" haha smoke like 5 or 6 times a day which i mean, i see both ways of it being bad but in the other way it doesnt bother me at all to do it that much so why should she get all upset isnt like anyone knows or cares..

    and i play socom 3 all the time i try to get her to play but she sucks at it haha, i guess im just gunna stick it out after all, who knows 10 years from now, i may not even want to smoke daily, and if im not with her im thinkin about her, guess it just aggrivates me when some1 naggs, seeing as all it reminds me of is my mother haha

    she will smoke with me when she does she loves it, but she does it maybe 1-3 times a month depends (special occasions parties ect),

    but i've been with mary-j longer then any girl.. lol and sometimes i wanna just relax outside and hit the bubbler while shes upset we arent gettin it on... but it isnt anything against her, anyone else feel like that?
  17. My girl never liked me smoking but now she's cool with it, just talk and explain, but your girl seems like she just wnat smore attention..
  18. people never change.

    I'm not sure what you should do though man, I just hope you are confident in the decision you make and I wish you the best of luck!
  19. [quote name='StonedSkunk']people never change.

    ^^^this is very true in terms of a bf/gf relationship....she's not going to all of a sudden start being ok with smokin. so you have to make a choice, between marry Jane, and your girlfriend.
  20. I dated a girl that said she hated me smoking and didn't like me high blah blah blah. The dumb broad had no idea I was high most of the time. Eye drops, hand sanitizer, breath mints, and cologne and she had no idea. It was only when I didn't feel like cleaning up that she knew. Anyway, we had a big fight before new years because i finally had enough and decided to smoke in front of her, something i never did before. Anyway, we broke up and awhile later i was smoking with her best friend and her friend was telling me about my ex smoking with her. Stupid bitch.

    Anyway, my current gf doesn't mind me smoking and sometimes she'll ask for a shotgun or two. She doesn't like the taste so I'll chew gum or pop a mint before I try to kiss her. It's a fair trade. The point is, don't let a girl manipulate you. If she doesn't like it she'll have to deal. Don't be a dick about it though. If smoking is the real problem then find a new girl. Sounds to me that smoking isn't the real problem though. Just talk to her about it. A lot of problems get solved when you listen. Let her know that it irritates you when she bugs you about it and it doesn't help her case any.

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