Bitch girlfriend

Discussion in 'General' started by Outlandau, May 26, 2006.

  1. So, i fo und out today my gf has been cheating on me....well of course her ass is gone, but anyone have any good ideas on how to get back at her?...i know its not good for karma, but, i really want to piss her off.....thanks
  2. Get drunk and fuck bitches. Take pictures.
  3. I second Lebowski's plan.
  4. i think i third that plan
  5. meh, i wouldnt do anything probably

    sucks she cheated on you, she will get hers eventually
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself...just'll happen
  7. Tell you have AID's. She would have to get tested, and so would that dude she fucked.
  8. shave her head while she's sleeping
  9. ^^ Thats cruel!

    Plus, do you jizz from shaving a head? No. But you do fucking bitches!!!!! :D
  10. shave her head then fuck bitches
  11. do they have to be bitches?

    maybe you can find a real kind and loving skank that would love to help you out.
  12. And you guys call me a whore? Let her go. Move on to the next, dont be a typical man and stalk her or beat her. youre all a bunch of assholes, especially you lebowski, right after that big long post tellin me what a child I am. All of you grow-up!

    Name-calling isn't something that we put up with here at Grassicty. You've been warned over and over for SO much. No more warnings for anything! *RMJL
  13. im gonna grow...a boner and fuck bitches. so yea.

    oh and as far as growing up is concerned, im pretty sure little kids dont get laid.
  14. You could all only wish to be this cool!
    and oh yeah, good one scooby.:(
  15. not to sound like a little bitch or a panzy or anything but i agree...although telling her u had AIDS WOULD be extremely funny to see how she reacts

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