Bitch accused my friend of stealing CANDY

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    Yep. I went to buy a blunt at maybe 4 am at a gas station by my friends house, the only gas station for miles, which has refused to sell us blunts before, even with our cards.

    My friend goes in to the bathroom and the only lady working there was moping the floor. She told us it was wet. I got the blunt and went to wait in the car and when my friend came out he told me this.

    Lady: sir i need to see you over here
    him: what for?
    lady: take out the candy you pocketed.
    him: i didnt pocket any candy.
    lady: why did you go around that isle?
    him: cuz you said the floor was wet.
    lady: your telling me if i check that candy isle some wont be missing?
    him: yea you can go check it look
    *pulls pockets inside out*
    lady: give me your ID
    him: No.
    lady: im taking your license plate and calling the police

    I said what the fuck dude go cuss her out or i will. He said he didnt want to get in trouble for verbal abuse or something. So i said whatever shes just gonna waste their time and when they see the video tape they wont have shit and hopefully the bitch will get fired. So I slowly backed up, and we rolled out to smoke the blunt and not give a fuck.

    Also I dont think this matters, but the lady was like 50 and black, and were both white 18 and 19. It might have been the same lady who refused to sell us a blunt a few months ago, who knows. Its funny she wrote the tag down because the car wasn't mine and the owner lives about half an hour away from our city.

    I shoulda been like "you accusing my boy because hes white? this is a hate crime, your fuckin right im calling the god damn police" but i do not know the laws very well.
  2. lol verbal abuse
  3. she needs to be straight up fired for refusing to sell a cigar to legal age appropriate customers & also not to forget the woman's strange hallucination of the so called candy being stolen. sounds fucking racist considering you guys was white and she was black. im no racist but that is fucked up.
  4. Haha thats what i thought, isnt it free speech? To barrage a persons face with bad words? I just wanted to be smoken that blunt by the time 4:20 came around, but the amount of bullshit we get from that chevron is rediculous.
  5. Yea dude, in my mind how the fuck is she gonna accuse someone of doing something she did not see.
  6. Maybe she has mental issues they should really check some people before they hire them to work at a store especially when they are over the stores merchandise.
  7. Maybe she will get robbed one day.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. It'll suck if the real car owner gets pulled over for this incident. She most likely didn't do shit with the license number because cops don't waste their time for any items under $10.
  10. The friend who let me use his car cant get in trouble because he didnt do anything. The cops would have to locate us through the friend, which is a huge hassle for a candy bar.
  11. remind me of when my sister and her boyfriend broke up because he thought she stole a box of cereal at his house
  12. What gas stations let you inside that early? All the ones around here have little windows you go to like a prison cell or some shit.

  13. haha that's hilarious.

    Bitch where's my cocoa puffs??

  14. Haha accusing someone of theft by a retailer in my state is illegal unless you are willing to bet your left nut on that accusation. I can't tell you how many people I've heard of getting fired for legitimate theft accusations, but you just can't. You either need detailed video evidence or know exactly where the stolen item is, and proof they didn't bring it in themselves.
  15. It sounded like a hassle case. Small businesses sometimes do that to people they don’t want back in their store; nothing extreme, but enough to make the person avoid returning in the future. I’m willing to bet that writing down the plate number was just for show.

    I doubt either of you are going to go back, so it worked. If you did go back, she can now legitimately kick you out for being thieves, even though you aren’t. Once you left the store it became her word vs. yours, and in the eyes of the law, the 50 year old store owner is going to win over a couple young guys any day of the week.

    Just avoid that place from now on. If she wants to throw away business in this economy, that’s her problem.

    If there is a listing of this store on, you can write a review explaining your side of it and give the store a bad score.
  16. Fuck that hoe that's when you bust a fatttttt stack and tell that bitch you don't needa steal her candy, you can afford the whole god damn store.

    [ame=]Boyz N The Hood - I got enough money to buy Me a hundred balls - YouTube[/ame]
  17. From my experience, people who work the grave yard shifts at gas stations are either A) random college dudes. Or B) some of the most fucking stupid people you will ever have the misfortune to meet.

    Don't worry bout that dumb bitch op
  18. your friend shouldn't have stolen the candy then should he? fucking candy theives.
  19. 1.) stop going to that store.
    2.) you emptied out your pockets. the very fact that she continued saying what she did and thinking what she thought is she's hella paranoid. don't sweat it. if you didn't take anything, then you have nothing to worry about.

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