Bit of a Lighting/Cooling Dilema

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MJGoon, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Hey folks.. just a few quick questions. Now I know i'm meant to keep my room within a specific temperature range but with my new room and living in a different climate than i used to my room is heating up too hot when i have anything but my 400w light on. I used to run 2400w of HPS lighting with a smaller fan setup and get about 3 pound every 3-4 months, now i'm trying a room about half the size and want to get about a pound every 3-4 months. Problem is the room is heating up and i dont see myself doing that with 400w of light. Just wondering can i run more light and have it heat up a little for a few hours a day and produce more than 400w and a constant temp would produce?

    Also, I have considered getting an air con but wonder how people wire these up in a stealth type setup considering these need to be run on their own fuse within the fuse box.
  2. So no-one knows?
  3. Need more info bro.....

    What are room dimensions? What was your old room dimensions? You ran 2400 watts in your old room, but what size lights do you have (all 400watt ballist?) Is this new room a sealed room? What kinda temps exactly are you talking about? You can increase temps also if your running C02.

    Also, what strain? Certain strains favor higher temps than others.
  4. hi mate. Both were sealed rooms. Old rooms dimensions were 3.5mX2mX2m running 4x 600watt HPS, new room is about 2.6lx1.3wx2.2h with 2x 600watt HPS and 1 400watt HPS. The strain is white widow and my temps have been hitting 32 degrees celcius

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