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  1. Hey peeps ! Was my own fault really , started out with random seeds and now i have no idea what type of strain my plants are and how long the flowering periods are ??
    any suggestions on how to identify diffrent strains heh ??

    ONe of my plants seems tall enough it flowered well at the start but the buds have not really thickend up and the hairs are already starting to turn a bit brown this is week 4 -5 of flower period is this normal?? will my buds thicken up or have i missed sum sought of valuable chemical ???

    and lastly i have one plant that is nearing six foot ,, it has been under 12/12 for 4 weeks now and still not developed any sight of a main crown bud,,, there are lots of stems shooting off the main stem of the plant litterd with buds but they are not really growing?? again does any one know or sound like sumthin they have dealt with before i would love to know ...

  2. First off, if you don't know the starin when you got the seed. There is no way anyone wi;; be able to tell you what it is once it is grown. Not possible really.

    The hairs turning brown is normal, you should get a microscope and check the trichs. They will tell you when to harvest. Best way of knowing.

    As far as why your buds aren't developing big and thick, Iono. Could be so many diff. variables.

    I'd try to get some pics up and maybe someone will notice something wrong.

    Anyways, GL
  3. In the following weeks you should see your buds start to fatten up. They tend to put on a lot of weight in the last stretch of flowering, like the last 2 weeks.
    If you still don't see much fattening, then they could've used more nutrients or or a better environment during their life. By that time though, there's not much you can do but hope for some good bud anyways.

    Like Two-One said, check the trichomes with a microscope. They will tell you when to harvest, not the hairs.

    The only thing that can determine strain by looking at a growing plant is the leaf shape...and then it's only telling you whether it's Indica or Sativa dominant. And from there you can only roughly determine the flowering period...Sativas flower longer than Indicas, but that isn't much help. Nothing to worry about though, if you don't know the strain.
  4. Cheers for the info i'll wack sum pics up tonight if you guys could tell me what you think !!!

  5. Another quick question heh ..
    I have a 400 hps Ballist running a 600wtt gro bulb ,
    and i sumtimes find that the light tends to flicker a bit then stop when it has already been running for 5-6 hours .. the light still remains a strong grow but it dulls for a few minutes then brightens again.
    so is this a sign my ballist is not outputing enough wattage for thegro bulb ???
  6. probably. Your ballast and your bulb should always run the same wattage...Unless you can switch one of them out ASAP, run with what you've got until you can switch. Is your grow bulb an HPS? If not, you need to get one for the HPS-specific ballast

    By the way, it's "ballast," not "ballist"
  7. dude from what i know using a different watt ballast & bulb is really dangerous & can cause fires etc its got to be the same watts ballast & bulb(i could be wrong tho lol), just a heads up id be carefull dude, dont want u burning ur place down
  8. Yeh i have sufficent measures in place to prevent fire occurng , and yes my gro bulb is hps they are compatible ...
    cheers for the info .. pics comming tonight!!!
  9. sounds like you got a slow flowering sativa they can go from 9-14 weeks depending on the strain
    if i was you i would not take that risk man, if you can afford a hps system then you can easily afford a proper $20 dollar bulb from lowes or home depot for it ^_^

    is the money worth taking the chance of stressing the plants or something dire like buring your house down with an electrical fire >_<
  10. The new pics are up in the gallery please anyone have a look to tell me
    how they are looking for 4-5 week flowering ?
    and maybe anyone have a crack at determing the strain ?

    cheers guys and enjoy
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    You should load a few of those pics here.
    Once you bounce to the gallery, it is hard to get back to the thread if it's not on the front page anymore.
    Here is what I am guessing as to why they are not bushy and I could be wrong but, first of all some strains are less bushy to begin with, but I also noticed when I cloned my nice bushy girls and put the clones straight to flower 12/12 as soon as they rooted @ about 1 week after cloning, they grew one long tall bud up the whole stock and I had to run a guide wire to hold them up the last few weeks.
    I think it is because they never had a veg stage to grow out and get bushy.
    Maybe you just didn't veg them quite long enough before flowering...
    Just a thought.

    Edit: Also, there ain't nuttin' wrong with those giant foot long buds, I like them better then all the work of trimming a bushy plant. IMO.
  12. Thanks for the advice liz ,, , i got no idea how to put the pics on my thread post thingy still very knew to this site ..

  13. Hit reply and then click on the paperclip next to the smiley on the top row of buttons, next to the font and size of the text selection boxes.
    Click the paper clip and an uploader will pop out, choose browse, then select a pic, repeat, when you've picked a few, just hit upload.
    When done, close pop out box and go back and click the paperclip icon again, it will drop down the attachments, just select insert all.

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