Biscuits the 2 faced Cat

Discussion in 'Pets' started by vostok, May 23, 2020.

  1. 1mins: A family in Oregon was surprised to find one of their newborn kittens had two faces.
    They're calling the kitten Biscuits and Gravy - or just 'Biscuits' for short.

    7mins: The kitten can eat with either mouth and sometimes meows with one mouth
    while eating with the other. The life expectancy for these kinds of cats
    is typically very short, but the family is optimistic.

    perhaps an example of their 'healthy society?
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  2. I absolutely love this little critter, reminds me of the twin faced characters out of The Never-ending Story. images.jpeg

    It's been allmost 7 days since i lost my 17 & 1/2 year old PAL. I miss you so much Vader, it's a cold n' lonely Winter here without you.
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  3. my current cat, is the most feral(from a farm) can go from cuddly baby
    to wild tiger in under 1/25th of a second.. something I often forget
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  4. Sorry to hear about your loss digga.
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  5. I once spent 2 years inbreeding guppies trying to make a 2 headed fish.
    Apparently it's quite common for guppies but 10'000 later and I never got one :(
    Didn't have to pay for any supplies for 2 years though which was nice.
    Bag of guppies for food.
    Big bag of guppies for a pump.
    Was a good deal lol :)
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  6. Go get another ...quick its painfree, childish action ...

    cats are for fun and should be painfree

    I did, hence the Horrid Feral Thing I have now
    actually I'm not buying her any wet meat from now on just cookies?
    she won't eat tinned, just raw ...Ugh
    its too easy for her to just snatch ...anything moving

    Bring on Vader 2

    good luck
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  7. :blink:

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