Birthdays and Robberies

Discussion in 'General' started by blueslip, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So it was my birthday and it was a great day for me. Well, I thought so in the beginning. I woke up feeling cheerful as all hell. I woke up, did a little wake 'n bake before class (i usually never do), went to my first class and had a fun ass time talking to the girls high. I was much more social than I thought I could be.
    So lets skip to after all my classes. My friend and another friend decided to take me to a Chinese buffet and pay for me. That was good for me because I planned on buying weed later. I get back to my place and my cousin calls me up and tells me to get ready because we were gonna go out. I leave my house and meet up with my friend who picks me and my cousin up and we smoked a 2.5g blunt passed around 4 people. It was pretty chill just riding in the car. So after that he drops me off at this other *****'s house where I was gonna buy a dub.
    This is the fucked up part.
    The guy said (who I've known for a bit) "I need to get your money and go pick it up because the guy is being lazy. I thought I could trust this guy and gave him 20. He goes and leaves in his car. 2 hours later I'm still waiting for that asshole. I couldn't stay out the entire waiting for his scumbag ass and he wouldn't pick up the phone. I had to go back to my place and wait for the next day. I call so many people up looking for him. I found where he worked and his number. Now I gotta wait and beat his ass or have him give me 20$.
  2. Damn bro... Well, Happy brithday!:hello:

    For He's a jolly good fellow. For he's a jolly good fellow. For he's a jolly good felloooow, that nobody can deny!

    Hopefully you get your money, and get some bud.
  3. I saw this movie A Bronx Tale, and a character was constantly chasing down some loser who owed him money. His mob boss friend tells him that he should feel lucky that he got his friend out of his life forever and for so cheap(guess the mob boss has to whack people for that). Anybody that stiffs somebody for 20 ain't even worth the trouble.
  4. well think of it this way man, if you didnt have such nice friends, then you wouldnt have even been in a position to buy weed, but since they were nice enough to pay for your meal, you then had money 4 some dope.
  5. sounds like a great day besides the dink-dealer. get that money/bud and if not step on his head

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