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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by thefalkon, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! I got a bunch of money for my birthday, and I'm trying to decide which Vaporizer I should buy. Price-wise, I want it to be somewhere in the $200-$350 range. Portability is also kind of important too, which is why I like the Iolite right now. Are there any quality vaporizers in that price range to buy?

    Right now I am looking at the Iolite & the Vapir NO2, but I want to hear your opinions.
  2. Don't get the iolite or the vapor I've tried both and they aren't that good. Your best bet for portability is the magic flight launch box it's only like 110 and its by far the best portable. Next best bet is a vapolution cuz you can plug it into a car and ive really good things about it but you most certainly can't go wrong with the other vape I mentioned ive had on for about a year now it it still runs smooth
  3. if you want a desktop vape get a SSV
    if you want portability MFLB
  4. MFLB + 1/2 oz of dank = Solid birthday
  5. What about the Vapolution?
  6. I'm getting myself a DBV for my birthday in Nov. After alot of research it's the best for my needs n i wanted the herbal oil/ wax tray to make my dorm smell nice & not all like vaped bud
  7. Hey, I'm sorry for asking so many questions, and I appreciate all the answers! I found out I got more money than I thought I did, so is the Volcano worth the money?

  8. Going to have to back this guy up on this.

    My MFLB, is probably the most portable I think you can get. I can conceal it with my fist (I by no means have large hards :confused:).

  9. I have both an mflb and a vaporbros and I use my vaporbros all the time and barely use the mflb unless I'm goin somewhere...and I'm really not too big of a buddah fan I prefer my vb
  10. I have 2 vaporizers: Vapor Bros and Vapolution.

    Hands down the Vapolution is the best, since it's all glass on glass inside and it doesn't have a weird taste to it.

    The Vapor Bros has a ceramic heating element, which sometimes gives off a bad taste.

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