Birthday Bowl - Honey comb w/ nice black dichrome

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    Hey blades, here's my gift to myself lol, still haven't thought of a name for it yet:




    We're patriotic in this apartment! (It's hiding a dartboard. :smoking:)

    Got this from a shop here that sells nothing but hand blown, and I got this honey (lol) for $65. Good deal imo.

    Going to get drunk as hell at this party later, maybe get with this girl I've been talking to. :wave:
  2. love the honeycomb and good luck with that chick
  3. Name is huney. I dont like that hook. but I like the bowl. should turn some nice colour pinks.
  4. Thanks bro, maybe it will be a bombass birthday. :hello:

    The hook is kinda odd but it adds a certain feel that I like. The pinks turn gold while the greens become more defined as it becomes used.
  5. pretty sick bowl dude, and as for the lady part good luck and haha what a brithday, first a sick bowl and then possibly doing the dirty.
  6. Nice bowl. I like the honeycomb, the fuming and the dichro. Definately a bowl I would buy. Enjoy your bday bro.

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