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    I've recently become extremely interested in growing and everything related, but have always been interested in biospheres.

    When dinosaurs were walking around the world the climate was alot different. Atmospheric pressure was doubled, oxygen was estimated to be around 30% and CO2 was ten times what it is today. I'm not gonna try to summarize this:

    "Scientists and medical researchers have found that the enzymes,
    in both animals and people, build and repair their own cells, tissue,
    and organ parts. Plants also have enzymes involved in the repair and
    building processes. Enzymes are called into action by growth and repair
    hormones. The past hyperbaric((meaning high pressure)) oxygen research has demonstrated the fact that the cell and tissue regeneration speeds up while at higher oxygen and pressure. I concluded that the enzymes are moving faster during
    those growth or repair hormone periods. I assumed that more available
    oxygen allows the enzymes to work faster. This would help explain why
    the animals and plants grew larger during the Jurassic age. Plants
    also rely on carbon dioxide (CO2) for their growth processes. The
    Jurassic studies indicated ten times as much CO2 at almost double
    the atmospheric pressure. The plants would have also absorbed more
    carbon dioxide, which through photosynthesis produced more sugar
    solution for the roots, thus stimulating faster plant growth"

    an example of some effects, even if not on plants. this shit just helps in every way..
    CJT Enterprises one wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > A friend of mine who worked for the NSA related an experiment that
    > was conducted by NASA. Three scientists lived on the floor of the ocean
    > for about 1-3 months in a biosphere.
    > When they left they were all middle aged with graying hair and low libidos.
    > When they returned their hair was clear of gray, their wrinkles had started to
    > disappear, and their sex drive was so increased that their wives complaied to
    > NASA about it.
    > It turns out that certain glands and organs were "reactivated." One in particular
    > was the gland that lies over the top of the heart. Blood tests showed unusual
    > hormones. Hormones that are normally associated with the growth of young children.
    > What if we take this knowledge and build a "room" that emulates the
    > atmosphere of the Earth before the flood and sleep in it for 8 hours a
    > day? What effects might it have? My friend from the NSA said that for
    > every day spent in there one year was added onto your life until you
    > maxed out at 1000.

    What we're looking at for results would be all around better conditions for life. Extreme yeilds(calixes would probably be the size of colas and the plant would be the size of a tree:D), potency that no one in the world could match, can you imagine taking today's Cup winning strains and growing them in those conditions? damn.

    The Problem: how to build one

    There is only 1 really legit hyperbaric pressure biosphere in the US that I'm aware of and that's in texas. they bred pirhanas to like twice the normal size or something, and the lifespan of fruit flies was tripled. i think they grew tomatoes in there and they were alot sweeter as well. i found it hard to believe that these conditions would help plant life in every way possible but then i researched it and it's legit. i can't wait for future experiments to do. in a few years i want to post a pic on this site of a cola the size of a doorway. sometimes i have trouble falling asleep when i think about this stuff. but thats what i have my vape for;)

    texas biosphere

    EDIT: one more thing to add to the room, a negative ion generator!

    "Negative ions can stimulate and augment the various metabolic processes that take place within plant cells. Seedlings subjected to negative ionization grew fifty percent faster and larger with increased turgor pressure in their leaves. Fruits and vegetables treated with negative ions will stay fresh longer than if untreated."

    "Giuseppe Toaldo, a famous Italian physicist and professor, noticed that plants growing next to a lightning rod grew almost ten times taller than identical plants only a few feet away.

    A French physicist by the name of Jean Antoine Nollet, planted several dozen mustard seeds in two separate containers and electrified one of them using an electrostatic generator. At the end of the week, every seed in the electrified container had sprouted and grown a few millimeters, while the other container showed little progress." try
  2. Interesting good old governments they find somthing cool but dont do anything with it.
  3. i know tell me about it. they do use the negative ions on the bridges of navy ships and in cockpits for pilots though. and there are these passive generators that are really small and don't use batteries or anything, alot of spec ops guys put them on their uniforms. i'm not sure if they're available to the public

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