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  1. I played Bioshock infinite for the first time, and so far so good I think it is an awesome game. The intro is mind blowing (especially while high) what do you guys think??
  2. There's already a thread about this game, mixed reviews for the most part. I personally thought it was one of the better AAA titles of last year.
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    I really liked it when it came out, played through it a few times. I went back to it a while ago though and found the combat a bit of a pain and quite lacklustre compared to other games I'd been playing like The Last of Us. I still think it's a great game overall but definitely has its issues. 
    I played nothing but the original Bioshock in the lead up to Infinite coming out, so I think the combat seemed pretty good to me since all I was comparing it to was the original (though in hindsight, I actually like the original's combat more in some ways now). I think it's partially due to the controls feeling weird to me after not playing it for months. I ended up turning it down to easy just to make the frantic/loose feeling of the combat less frustrating.
    On the other hand, I remember really enjoying the combat in parts towards the end of the game, but that was when I was fully accustomed to the controls and not comparing it to other games.
    I found the regular enemies pretty generic/boring after killing a few dozen of them - they were nowhere near as interesting/fun to fight as the splicers in the original. Some of the enemies like the motorized patriots were pretty cool. The story, presentation, sound design etc were all top notch though. The opening is amazing even on repeated playthroughs. 
    I stopped smoking weed about 3-4 months before Infinite came out, so it's one of the games I definitely want to revisit when I start smoking again in the very near future, along with The Last of Us, GTA V and Dishonored (a game I personally regard more highly than Infinite). 
  4. Eh. Haven't finished it yet..

    ..probably won't.

  5. Disappointing and lots of lackluster
  6. A lot hate on it but I digged it

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