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Biometric screening and marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Zighain, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this but wasnt really sure where it would fit in.

    So here is the situation. Ill be taking a biometric screening for work next month to try and increase my employee discount. The screening test for bmi, blood pressure and cholesterol levels but also nicotine usage. Now I am not a cigarette smoker but I am concerned about MJ possibly showing up. The forms word it as "non-nicotine-users" so that kind of makes me think they are not testing for any type of drugs and just tobacco. Also our company does not do any drug testing at all no matter the circumstances so of course this makes me think im safe. Im just a bit worried about it showing up as this is a habit I keep to myself. Thought I would post this in case anyone has come across a similar situation, thanks.
  2. I once took an oral swab test for nicotine in order to lower my car insurance premiums and it was specific only to nicotine. if the company does want to test you for drugs (which doesn't sound like the case), I doubt very much that they can test you without informing you that they are going to use your saliva, urine, blood, etc for the purpose of screening for drugs. maybe some companies do this, but i've never heard of it. it might not even be legal. so, in my opinion, it doesn't seem likely that they would use any of this biometric data to covertly look for drugs--at least not without informing you beforehand. that's just what i think, anyway.
  3. I agree. You are probably protected legally from them testing for anything but nicotine, but don't take my word for this. Furthermore, testing for nicotine (along with all forms of testing) is relatively expensive. Who ever (I would presume your company) is paying for the test probably isn't willing to shell out the extra bucks for a test that includes THC. This is because the company will be wasting money testing everyone. Thus, if they even chose to do drug tests, they would administer them only to those who the suspect, and you would be informed of the reasons for the test.
  4. Biometric screening? You wouldn't happen to work for Whole Foods do you? If so you're safe, half our store does it
    They basically adjust your discount by how healthy you are...some sort of motivation for everyone to excercise more and eat more of their foods lol
  5. Yeah I guess common sense should have told me that wouldnt really be legal. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Dfogz yes I do work at WF. I think a good percentage of our TM's smoke as well. Great company to work for, lots of benefits

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