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Biomass vs. Fossil Fuels

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ravishingred420, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I want to hear every one's ideas about this one. It is a big issue and I believe it should be shown how Biomass is in every way supperior to fossil fuels. America has already consumed 80% of all know oil and gas reserves. If Biomass fuels were used acid rain would be reduced and it would reverse the green house effect. There are so many nay sayers out there but if they just research it before they get all pesimistic on me that would be awesome. A huge reason biomass fuels arent used today is because 82% of the total value of all issues traded on the new york stock exchange and other world stock exchanges are tied directly to energy producers like exxon, shell oil, sonoco, con-edison, etc, also energy transporters such as pipeline companied, oil shipping and delivery companies. and also refineries and retail sales of exxon mobil, shell so. california edison, con-edison etc. 82% of all your money goes to pay for the ultimate energy cost in the goods and services you buy. including transportation heating cooking and lighing. That means for every 40 hours you work 33 of them go to pay for these mentioned things.

    Of all solid, and airborn pollution 80% comes from fossil fuel energy sources.

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