biological dad?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHerbHunt, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I was watching super high me the other day and Marc Emery said that it was like 68% or 78% of all drug users did not have their biological father in their lets test it out :hello:
  2. I can see where those stats might be true... Especially since this isn't just for marijuana users but for drug users as a whole. However, my bio father has always been around (except for a year or two where he was -technically- around but I never really saw him).
  3. I believe it was drug addicts, not drug users.
  4. Mark Emery just recites all the shit his therapist tells him while hes going for his schitzo script.
  5. adopted. so not technically.
  6. Yes my biological father was in my life, but my best friend (who tokes on daily basis with me) has never met his biological father.
  7. Marc Emery isn't exactly a reliable source for factual information.
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    I only ever see my dad on weekends, been that way all my life.

    Not that my parents are divorced or anything. My dad's an international truck driver, so he drives all across europe.
  9. I live with my father, but I wouldn't really say he's in my life...

    I only live with him because my mom kicked me out. We rarely say anything to each other, we kind of just coexist in the same living area.

    I still voted yes, I've known my dad my whole life, we just aren't big fans of each other.
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  11. Nope, he lives in GA, I live in NY...have never had a relationship with him, might go show up some day in a few years and be like sup, give me 25 years worth of child support.
  12. daddy is in my life. hah.
  13. well my brother is a full blown opiate addict and hes had a great biological father his whole life.Then i have a step brother who is also a fullblown opiate addict and hes never met his dad. so i think it doesnt really matter.

    im a stoner but ive never done anyother drug (except the time i got some percs prescribed to me)and ive had a great dad my whole life. So i really think it doesnt matter if you had a dad or not. you just are who you are regardless.

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