Bioflora fish and seaweed organic compost

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  1. I stopped by a nursery and saw this for 4.60 a bag . Here's a product tech sheet

    Everything looks good to me but I'm no expert, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or comments on whether or not I should purchase this.
  2. $4.60 a cubic foot? Seriously?

    I'd hit it in a New York minute........
  3. LD

    It's 4.60 for 1.5 cf, and it's produced locally . Im thinking about seeing if i could tour the facility as well or at least talk to someone about the production process (I just want to see it in action lol ) I wish I was a little more proficient with the pc as I'm curious to their sources as well. Perhaps I can get it for even less from the facility itself. looks like I'll be making some phone calls come Monday.

  4. Even better!
  5. I'll defiantly be picking up some regardless, at that price I'd be crazy or stupid not to. Will this fulfill all my compost needs in my mix or should I supplement with another? I have some of the home depot eco plus ( I think that's what it's called ) veggie compost.
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    That is a very good idea, i.e. visiting their facility. The knowledge and information about how 'real thermal compost' is produced will prove invaluable.

    I went through their web site and here's my overall opinion - buy their compost products and avoid their amendments. Typically that is where the money is - amendments and not in humus products and I would include EWC in that paradigm.

    From their web site is a description of this specific compost.

    Nice find!!!

  7. Absolutely. Completely. Don't screw with it.

    Take advantage of your tenacity to find a good product. No reason to make a stallion look like Tony the Pony, eh?

  8. Check the name on that one again and look for the manufacturer's label which is required by law.


  9. It's clean earth soils distributed by ecoscraps. Made from over 25 composted fruits and veggies. Its 5 something at the depot, I've seen it for as much as ten at a "growshop" in a different bag with the exact same info on it.
  10. I'd probably do a mix of this and the Bioflora @ 3:1 (the 1 being this product).

    Hard to say - the web site uses a couple of buzz words that sent up minor red flags. It would probably be best to buy a bag, open it do a visual as well and check how it smells. It should smell like a forest with no fermentation or off-odors whatsoever. Grab a handful and see how it feels in your hands - does it fall apart when you release it or does it stick together - you want falling compost and not mud.

    You'll be fine - just source a good Sphagnum Peat Moss at Home Depot and you should have Premier Peat and maybe even Alaska Peat (that's a brand name). Both come out of the same harvesting district in North Alberta.


  11. Guys, I have a Bioflora place real close to me and I have seen this same compost at local nurseries. I always wondered about using it, but I have stuck with the Malibu Biodynamics and a local farm co-op that has bulk pick up. I use the bulk for my yard, Malibu for my potted girls. I am almost out of it, so I might give this stuff a try. Thanks for all the info, guys.

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