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    Hey guys I really need some help and advice regarding biobizz nutes and RO water. I noticed that the ph of RO water fluctuates extremely because it has no minerals left in it to buffer. So it almost instantly aquires the ph of whatever i add to it. After adding some root juice the ph of my RO water decreases to 4.5 and I am scared to burn my 8 day old seedlings. I can only imagine what will happen to the ph of my RO water later in grow when I will follow the bio bizz schedule by adding several ml of bio grow, heaven, algae mic, bloom and top ph will be lower than 4???

    I really wanted to use only RO water with bio bizz nutes without having to worry about ph but now I'm worried I will burn the roots if I follow the feeding schedule using RO water. I use RO water because my tap water is too hard with a ph of 8.4 and has caused nute lockout in my last grow. I also don't want to mix 50/50 tap and RO water. I read that an air stone can bring the ph of nutrient solution up but the experts from biobizz don't recommend it because it oxidises the nutrients. What should I do?

    Does anyone have any advice and experience with RO water and issues with PH when using biobizz nutes? Or is there no reason for me to worry about burning the roots and killing the beneficial soil bacteria with RO water that will probably have a ph of 3.5 when following the recommended bio bizz schedule?

  2. I'm facing that issue with my OS water right after mixing 14drops vita, 200ml bio heaven & 15-20ml bio grow, which really aint much, into a 80l Wilma Reservoir, then i use my second but brand New pH meter from BlueLab which will read 4.2-4.3.. Why is it so low, aren't there anyone who can explain this?

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