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Binge smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. This weekend i bought 1/2 oz of regs and my friends had about 1/8 of some fine cheeba. Also, my parents were outta of town so we knew there would be a lot of pot smoking. Man we smoked all of our stuff over 3 days. We smoked joints, rolled a blunt, loaded up the bong, and a couple of bowls from the pipes. I was stoned probably for 12 hours each day...... I consider this binge smoking. I'm kinda tired of weed..... cuz i've smoked so much, so i've decided to chill out for like 2weeks [not quit totally]. Have any of ya'll ever smoked so much weed in like a weekend and j/felt tired of it?
  2. i love the occasional binge smoking..... mostly on roadtrips but it does affect my tolerance... i never get tired of weed, but a few days without smoking helps out a lot
  3. Every Friday we binge smoke, it gets you really high but the next day you feel very monged out and does affect your tolerance for a day or two, that's why i normally after heavy smoking don't smoke for the next day or two and just do it all again the next weekend, or sometimes i just smoke anumber of bowls.

    But one weekend there not so long ago i went out on the Friday morning about 10, started smoking...all that day till about 5, then went home and went out again at 8, smoked alot and drank that night, tried speed too so i was fucked by midnight that night, went home in the early hours, woke up and smoked that day again, then again that saturday night smoked a shit load of bowls...very very high, then went to bed later and woke up sunday and went to work that i was stoned from that Friday morning till late saturday night, the way to do it.
  4. hahah, brilliant poppyseed.
  5. yes,being high is good, very good and so is drunk and i hope to be both this time tommorow night,party time.

    yes i toke too most times when i've got it, but now and again i gotta save some for a special occasion.

    being a stoner is a full time job you know, well i know you know poppy.
  6. hell yea man....yesterday me and 2 other friends smoked an oz in 4 hours..we were so messed up then today we smoked another 1/2...this weekends been fun overal...

  7. but it's such a brilliant feeling getting drunk and then making the great decision of smoking up...

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