Bill O' Really Uploaded A Critics Vid: GC: Tear Him Apart

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crypto Tech, May 11, 2011.

  1. haha.. nice work dude!

    it's still up :laughing:

  2. I told you guys.

    Hahaha, support this thread!
  3. Yesterday when yo uploaded this I went to sleep because it was 2 am here and I was afraid it would have already been taken down by the time I woke up.
    But thankfully it's still there. :D

    I hope many more people see this.
  4. LOL it's still there..

    nice work O'Reilly and web team...
  5. Its so funny how worked up you guys get anytime the topic is Fox News or O'reilly. How dare anyone have opinions that differ from yours! Its a total shift from when I post about people in the media that aren't from Fox, which usually results in page after page of butt hurt whining and personal insults directed at me.
  6. man.. if he did this to Rachel Maddow, or the dude with the tingly Obama legs.. you'd be all over it.

    I like Bill O's show..

    but this was pretty funny shit imo..

    serves them right for not having their own youtube channel and uploading their own videos.
  7. Worked up?
    This is just a little prank.

    For me it's not Mr. O'Reilly's opinions that bug me. It's the fact that he acts like a condescending prick who doesn't let any of his guests finish their sentences when he does interviews.
    He invites (very interesting) people for an interview, and then constantly interrupts their answers to his questions. This man needs a few lessons in common courtesy.
  8. You know that would never happen. That's the point.

    LOL, whatever. That's why all youtube videos have an embed code.... :rolleyes:

    Which is different from every other commentator in the MSM how? At least Bill-O interviews people who completely disagree with him and his point of view, unlike the rest of the media who constantly stack their shows with like minded liberals.
  9. I'm not familiar with other American mainstream media interviewers but I watch a lot of programs where they have intelligent debates. The host usually remains neutral. He/she might offer different insights and ask the interviewee for his or her comment, but doesn't go so far as to insult the guests by calling them pinheads. It's very strange to me to see the host fiercely defend his own point of view.
    Maybe it's just a difference in American and Dutch culture.

  10. bullshit man...i would laugh just as hard and think it was just as much win if you would have done something similar to say...chris mattews (shit pick your lefty) mayhem is funny...and even you have to admit that o'reily is a douche.

  11. You look too deep into things, and look for stuff that isn't there. Someone was presented with a rare opportunity to cause some mischief, precipitated by lazy webmasters. I mean, how many people who watch Bill O'Reilly go to the front page of his website, and read the captions on every video posted? Considering O'Reilly viewers are pretty much retired, or soon to be retired, I think you're getting your panties in a bunch...
  12. I could put up videos of conservatives on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Bill Maher, Daily Show, Colbert etc, so I really don't understand why you would make that claim.

    I don't watch much TV news so it's harder for me to call vids to mind but with just a little searching:
    [ame=]YouTube - Rachel Maddow takes down gay-to-straight conversion seminarist Richard Cohen (pt 1/2)[/ame] Maddow interviews gay to straight guy (who could me more different than she is)
    [ame=]YouTube - Rachel Maddow Interviews Michael Steele (Full Interview)[/ame] Maddow interviews Michael Steel
    [ame=]YouTube - Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and Michael Steele[/ame] Michael Steel on Bill Maher
    [ame=]YouTube - Michael Eric Dyson Schools Racist Andrew Breitbart on Real Time with Bill Maher[/ame] Andrew Breitbart on Bill Maher

    Running out of time for now but I personally remember
    Ron Paul on the following : Daily show, Colbert Report, Bill Maher
    Rand Paul on Maddow

    At best you made an inaccurate claim, at worst you are lying your ass off to further your agenda.
  13. For all those who don't think O'Reilly is a double edged prick, or that the Faux news channel has some of the most biased and hateful news around:

    [ame=]YouTube - Outfoxed: Bill O'Reilly attacks 9/11 victim's son[/ame]

    This was taken from a documentary called "Outfoxed." The documentary details the shiesty tactics the Faux news channel uses, some including strict guidelines, everything has to be about the republican party in a positive way (no bashing!), and instances of people being fired for making the republican party look bad.
  14. If a news channel (the most watched news channel at that) fires people for making a political party look bad, that is blatant propaganda.
    This is the same as soviet propaganda, it is just packaged differently.
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    Why am I not surprised?

    Yes yes, we've all seen it a billion times. Of course when it comes to the rest of the media and they're constant shilling for the Democrat party, you and your ilk have got nothing to say. If you had your way it would be all Democrat propaganda, all the time.

    Outfoxed is itself a piece of propaganda that carefully edits clips and leaves out any examples of guys like O'reilly going after Republicans. Whatever though. Most of you seem very comfortable being lead around like sheep. As long as its a means towards an end you agree with.

    There are token examples yes, but MOST of the time these networks are dominated by democrats and liberals. From the guests to the hosts themselves. For a long time Maddow and Schultz refused to bring on a Republican/conservative/right wingers at all. Even when they do bring one on, they're usually attacked from all sides by the liberal guests and host.
  16. Dronetek:

    Dude, you're missing the point.

    ALL OF MSM is wacked out biased scum...

    Bill's an easy target, cause of his massive ego and superiority complex, not because he's on Fox news...
  17. So when Bill O. talks over guests = fair and balanced or stopping them from spinning and when MSNBC does it = attack? Most of the time Fox network has conservatives and republicans, they ridicule the left and their guys that have radio shows are even worse on the radio. It could also be said that every liberal on Fox is a token liberal since so few go on the station. And since fox has more viewers than the rest combined, I still say they are more mainstream based upon the definition of mainstream.

    I don't like any of them, but I am getting sick of all this hypocrisy. If the side you support is doing the same thing as the side you oppose, and you are being critical of only one side....
  18. Just a quick question, who pays Bill O'Reilly?
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    Fox news network for his tv show... I would imagine.
  20. I mean who is really at the top, who own Fox news or who owns the company that owns Fox news?
    I'm wondering this because that would be one powerful man.
    I think I'm gonna have to look this up myself.

    edit - I came up with Rupert Murdoch. I'm gonna do some more reading on him later.

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