Bill O' Really Uploaded A Critics Vid: GC: Tear Him Apart

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    So I uploaded a video to youtube and Bill-O posted it on his website. Little did he know, that he was embedding a video that a critic of his show uploaded; and that they could easily edit it anytime they wanted to. Enjoy:

    For legal purposes: All of the information contained within the video, verbal, or written, is false. It is about somebody that got on somebodies nerves by acting like a d-bag all the time, and resulted in a bitchslap of cyber-epic proportions.

    Edit: Video Has been removed. Props to the man who snapped this shot:

    Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day - SNL mocks Bin Laden's Last Will & Testament



    Critical Speech Bubbles.

    Links to sexual assault transcript. (Thanks for the idea Spikoli).

    Title Changed to: Bill The Perv-D (D for douchebag)

    Submitted story to CNN:

    Any and all feedback is welcome. Help me rip this asshole apart on his own page.

    Note to mods: Is it possible that you could make this page viewable to users only? I say this because in the (unlikely) event Fox News stumbles across this thread, they might view the video as ill-intentional.
  2. yes thats exactly what you should do

  3. What should I say though? Need some ideas, a general consensus on to which is agreeable by those who dislike the man.
  4. Can you change the video and keep the title the same, and make it still be embedded?
    If you can, you should keep the title the same. You should also make sure the picture of Osama stays there.
    Then you replace it with a video of a compilation of Bill O'Reilly's stupidest moments caught on tape, with a picture of the fake Osama in it somehwere so that it'll stay the same.
  5. Say,

    embeded video goes in, title description changes. you cant explain that!

    Is this for real? Do it!
  6. Replace the video with something that supports atheism and rational thinking.
  7. this is a fine idea :hello:

    the one from inside edition would be epic!!
  8. Damn hes such a fuck-up. Im trying to watch the video story of "common going to the white house" and the wrong video plays.. :confused_2:
  9. Alright guys, I'm doing this: Stay posted
  10. hahaha please do.
  11. we'll do it live!

    [ame=]YouTube - WE'LL DO IT LIVE[/ame]
  12. Take screenshots.
    Even take a picture of your monitor as proof.
  13. ^@August, yeah, I'm using the firefox add on and ripping that as well as this:

    The 5 Most Ridiculous Bill O'Reilly Moments |

    Splice the video a bit, and viola: O'reilly is gonna get dumped on. What time is his show? That would be the perfect time to put all of this up: 25 minutes before it starts, that's usually when the site traffic increases in general.
  14. this is badass..

    i hope it happens!

  15. It's happening as we speak.

  16. If you don't believe me search "lambofgodly" on youtube, and check the uploads.
  17. So are you going to replace the video?
  18. He said he is editing it now.

  19. Sorry I missed that.

    This should be pretty good if it works. :D

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