Bill Nye is dead.

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  1. I'd post pictures, but I'm still too heartbroken.

    I had an 18" Medicali:

    (The Bill Nye in question.)

    After an everclear and beer fueled game party (Tech vs. Texas), I went home with a few buddies. Two of them were horsing around in my room after I had asked them to stop. I'm about to load a bowl, when they push past me and hit Mr. Nye. I didn't even see the fall.

    It hit beaker bottom first, shattering it. The tube, ashcatcher, bowl and downstem are all intact. I will be burying him later today.

  2. i thought at first you ment the real guy lol

    still a sad day brakin a bong it always is..:(
  3. i thought u ment the real guy lol i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :eek::eek::eek:

    still sucks though lol
  4. The moral here is: Dont let drunk fools around your glass.
  5. As long as the science guy is okay...
  6. I spent three hours mourning, crying, screaming in disbelief, teetering between denial and total devastation, I began watching old recordings of Bill Nye the Science Guy, and I called the BoysTown hotline for support before I could muster up the courage to open this thread.

    Fighting bouts of nausea, feelings of anguish, and being completely overwhelmed with emotion to the point of losing all control of bodily functions, I did it. I clicked.


    Sorry about your bong though.
  7. I'm sorry for your loss... I'll smoke a bowl in honor of his spirit :smoke:
  8. damn id be so pissed if i was about to rip and it got taken away like that

    yeah i would have truly been heartbroken if it was really him... but breakin a piece always sucks man/
  10. Sorry about your bong man. But isnt the real bill nye the science guy dead too. ill look it up
  11. The real Nye is still alive.
  12. qfmft. i almost killed some kid after he dropped my bub (didnt break) but still, no bueno....inertia is a property of matter
  13. I almost started crying when i read the title and then i saw that it was your bong. i mean that sucks that your bong broke but fuck you for tricking me like that. not ok, bill nye was my hero and if he died it would be the death of the millenia, bigger than mj or billy mays.
  14. Sorry for your loss.

    Hope this helps.

    Long live nye!

    [ame=]YouTube - Bill Nye Techno Remix[/ame]
  15. LMAO that made me laugh

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