bike stolen, again

Discussion in 'General' started by thesoftparade, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. yeah my bike got stolen,
    it was worth about $1000, but it's the second bike i've gotten ripped off in the same neighbourhood, the other was was worth about $1500. both times they were taken out of a garage with the door open. you could say it's my fault, but people aren't supposed to walk into your garage and steal your shit.

    here's the first bike that got stolen


    here's the bike that just got stolen


    i can't wait ti'll i move to BC haha

    my parents got insurance on the second one haha, so i will get some money out of it.
  2. How are they worth over 1000 dollars? Very custom/high quality parts?
  3. Nice bike, thats orrible news. In my Ontario town, the same thing happens, i've had bikes stolen just nothing as nice as that. People just LOVE stealing bikes, and snowboards.
  4. damn i had a nice mongoose stolen out of my yard/////

    pisses one off.... but i got a motorcycle now////

    so i dont miss it much...!!!!!!:cool:
  5. lolol a mongoose bike hahah
    sorry about you rloos those are some nice bikes got any pics of you struttin your stuff
    i have friends who steal bikes they hav liek 15 down in these woods
    its fucked up but thier not worth more than 200
  6. i was quiet pleased with my mongoose...:cool:
  7. man, i even feel bad. I used to ride a ton. I had a superlight S&M DB Classic ( straight out of 1995, i loved that thing) with all the parts I bought for it, it was around 900 and that got stolen, so i feel you man. Its kinda like losing a really really good friend. and also a eco-friendly, stylish, transportation mobile. :(
  8. yeah , i could do probably run into a wall at high speeds and the bike would be fine haha

    i hear you on the loosing a friend thing..
    do you remember how much it weighed? light in 1995 was probably like 40lbs?
  9. so my friend comes to my house today and says, "i know who has your bike"
    he was talking to some kid and he was playing it like he wanted to buy a stolen bike, so he called him up and told him to meet him at aa local school so he could buy it for $500, so i called the cops and one was on a mountain bike and the other in his cruiser, after like 15 mins nothing really happend so the cruiser pulled up and the cop loaded his mtb in the car and at the last second we see 3 teens pull up in a bmw, they saw the cop car and turned around and tried to get away. The cop throws his lights on and chases after him.
    the kid did have my bike and i got it back :) they didn't even do anything to it.
    unfortunatly he was under 18 so nothing serious happened, but i got my bike back so im happy.
  10. thats awesome dude, i guess cops are good for something
  11. haha that's so cool you got it back, i guess cops can actually do something worthwhile sometimes..:rolleyes:
  12. To the cop after getting your bike back:

    "Ahh I can finally smoke a joint and relax now, thanks! I guess you guys are good for something!"

  13. haha yeah that's what i was thinking..
    the look on the kids face when he was leaning on the cop car was priceless.
  14. that is good news....

    still though,,, i liked my mongoose,,,:cool:

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