biggest regret in life?

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  1. I know sometimes it is just best to move and forget, but i bet a lot of people on here would have done things differently in their life had they got the chance to go back and try again.

    it may not be my biggest regret, but it sure does stand out more than most. when i was a senior in high school (i was a new student - had just moved) i sat waaaay back in the corner of math class, and right in front of me sat this girl i kinda had a crush on. we talked all the time and got along great, but for some reason i never asked her out, never even mentioned hanging out after school or anything. it was before i had started smoking, and knew she was a stoner, so at the time i was kind of turned off because of that (what a fool i was).:eek:

    looking back on it, i feel like i really fucked up. she was perfect and everything i could have asked for in a girl: sexy as hell, fantastic personality, got along together great, and she was a heavy stoner. damn.... if i only i had kept in touch with her. :(

    anyway, i just really needed to get that off my shoulders. how bout you guys? what is your biggest regret in life?
  2. failing a grade in middleschool, resulting on my oldness in highschool );
  3. I skipped a lot in highschool, I was going to go to the royal military college to become a pilot, but I didnt sleep well and I was so self conscious I lacked the motivation to go to class. I graduated on time, but my grades were so bad I just became a non-commisioned member of the navy, which turns out I was chronic seasick and still spent 4 years sailing. Also when I first started working I bought my dream car and didnt get it paid off in time, now I have to sell it.

    Since I got out of the military I see an opportunity for a fresh start though! :)
  4. not discovering the medical benefits of the wonderful herb until i was 18...
    it has really helped with my generalized anxiety.
  5. Not transferring to the math and science focused high school in my county. I would have made a lot of friends there and would have a much better social life. But on the same side of that coin, it would have been a very challenging school and at the time I was having terrible problems with my anxiety.

  6. Shit you spent 426 hours on Call of Duty according to that sig of yours OP.... If you're not regretting that now, I think you will a few years down the road...

  7. makin that right turn on a no turn on red intersection...shits caused me to miss out on a lot of fun

  8. its battlefield and nope... i dont regret a single second of it. i love that game and i enjoy playing it. time spent having fun is NOT time wasted for me:D
  9. letting the ambulance take me to the hospital after I crashed my car
    abulance plus hospital 5,000
    should have just walked home

  10. ambulance rides are a straight up fucking scam unless you TRULY need it. ridiculous how much people getting charged by them
  11. Not trying in school.
  12. yeah they a fuckin scam they strap your ass down to the board so you can't move then have you sign a papper then you get to the hospital and your strap down fuckin bullshit
  13. Loosing my gf :( dude shes everything to me!

    being unhealthy and way to skinny :/
  14. I haven't really thought about anything I regret in life. I can't even think of anything lol. That sounds damn good. I feel so enlighten! Yolo for sho doe!
  15. It would probably be spending the majority of my High School career not being social but instead playing video games all day every day...caused me to gain a lot of weight and be years behind in social experiences compared to everyone else.
  16. Bullying somebody.
  17. Smoking spice
  18. Drinking so much I had to get my stomach pumped at 4 am junior year of high school
  19. Not asking out a girl :(

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