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biggest problam with anti marajuana studies...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toughtoke21, May 21, 2010.

  1. in this article, + Brain Shrinkage Seen With Marijuana Use there was a study. they took 15 guys who smoked 5 joints a day for 10 years and 16 guys who dident. each guy who smoked showed sighns of mental disorders. now this isent the problam and its PERFECTLY reasonable for them to have this. now before you flame, let me explain. first off, smoking 5 joints a day for 10 years is like drinking a bottle of jack danials every day for 10 years. BOTH of wich are unresponsible ways to consume these substinces.

    and THATS what i hate about anti marajuana studies. they always test it on people who abuse it, not the normal, once a day to once a month type of person.

    if they tested the same type of people who drink alchohal as they test the type people who smoke weed that they normaly use for testing, alchohal would be outlawed in a heartbeat. but why not? becouse the majority of alchohal drinkers consume in a responsible mannor, just like marajuana users.

    and honistly, from what i read, the long term effects of marajuana abuse is noware near as bad as the effects of an equal amount of alchohal consumption. Id take dyslexia ( a minor annoyance) over scurosis (dont know how to spell it) if the liver or kidney failure.

    what i wanna see is a test done between a person who smokes 1 joint a day after work, for 10 years, to a guy who has a single drink after work for 10 years and see what the difforance is.

    what do you guys think?

  2. wait, what?
  3. Uh, yeah, the "more than" isn't very scientific, now is it? Was it 5 joints a day or 10? Perhaps it was 15...
  4. i mean i consider myself a normal toker and i smoke more than once a day... mostly more than 5 if i can too.
  5. I hate when ppl compare alochol to weed total differnece

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