Biggest joint ever!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by sidious, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. gimme some of that

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  2. yeah man i wanna smoke something like that someday..

    :smoking: times 100

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  3. lmao...nice one......Peace out....Sid
  4. Do you know him or are you just kidding???....that would be some freaky shit if actually did know him!!!....Peace out...Sid
  5. ok woody just come clean the pics you isn't it???.....c'mon tell can trust us!!!....Peace out...Sid
  6. That's funny that he wears neck beads just like you'rs as well isn't was that j any good????....Peace out....Sid
  7. that guy is so blazed, smokes coming out of his fuckin eyes! look! on the other hand, this spliff i pretty big too......

    taken in jamaica..
  8. check this out, 75 grams of hash, from

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