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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by ParkBenchBum, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Yo pot heads, I was wondering what was the biggest joint you've ever smoked (to yourself or with others) or made?

    The biggest I've ever toked on was a 7 roach, 5 sheet joint with about a 1/4oz of skunk in.

    I'm also curious to know if there is a secret method to large doobie building.

    So please, share your creations and secrets with me!

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  2. BTW - That picture I attached was taken in switzerland when I went skiing with a bunch of mates.
  3. BTW - That picture I attached was taken in switzerland when I went skiing with a bunch of mates.
  4. good question dude...

    there's been a few all around the same size... but i think to make a snappy choice between one i made and one Bry made... it'd been about 40cm long.
  5. one time me and my friend smoked this joint that may not sound too big but i thought it was huge. it was an 1/8 in there and that thing was fat as shit cuz all we had was some small joint papers. the thing was it didnt really get us that much higher than a regular sized joint :(
  6. yeah.. an 8th... thats about the biggest we've ever put in. but its hard to tell... when they that big we all chip in for it.
  7. we rolled about a 1/4 up, that was the most we ever shoved into one. it was two 1 1/2's wide and three long, it was about three centimeters wide at the end, it was a cone.
  8. the biggest i've seen made used about an ounce!!! it was friends all chipped in and put it together. whats worse is that we didnt have any papers so we used the paper from an old textbook. surprisingely enough, it burned better. but it felt like crap going down.
  9. biggest ive ever smoked was 4 papers, 2 fat and 2 long. of course, i smoked some pretty big blunts too :)
  10. about an 1/ was a good sized joint, but normally when we wanna put that much in, we just get a blunt wrap..
  11. 1/4 oz in two cigar wraps... with a little tobaccy filler... luckily i didn't pay for that one

    we call that a blunt though... oh well... it was the most i ever smoked in one sitting, that's fo sho
  12. biggest joint would prob be an eigth..... though i've smoked a blunt that weighed 30g ( my friends budd, for a bday party)...... though the biggest joint im sure you could roll, would probably be one using the cheech and chong oversized paper that comes with the records.....

    they're monsterous....
  13. i smoked a blunt with at least 10 grams. it was 4 phillies(vanilla, strawberry and 2 chocolates(neopolotin)) honied together.
    for joints i smoked a j with an 1/8 plus a gram of keif on top of that.

  14. i have that record and paper, if i ever roll it up it will be for my my first large grow, and i will just throw an ounce into it and have a big party.
  15. 21 paper shared between 7 people. we could have sold the roach as a big piece of mescaline it was so potent.
  16. heh, probably that one when you got that powerplant dig, in terms of size 2 papers :) still i can never go back
  17. i smoked a quarter joint with my smokin mates it had 5 papers on it it was massive
  18. We once rolled up a quarter ounce blunt... shit was fat as hell, burned like a cigar... although it got passed around alot, it didn't get me any higher than a standard gram blunt would.... I got some weird tolerance thing - once I'm high, it ain't going up any higher...
  19. dude one time me and my friends all chipped in and rolled a 8 pound phatty in yesterdays newspaper.

    and to the comment above me: i know i fucking hate that, after a while your just as baked as your gonna be, thats when you whip out the bottle or some mushys :).
  20. shut the fuck up plumface

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