Biggest Dick Move You've Made...

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  1. So earlier today I was out with some friends smoking some bud, long story short I poured bong water into a vodka bottle which my friend drank from unknowingly, he then began to vomit uncontrolably for a good 5 minutes.

    Dick move I know.

    So what's the biggest dick move you've ever made?
  2. One time in high school, I grind the teacher chalks during the class and I throw all the powder into the hair of a girl.

    She was pissed off and looked 50 years older.
  3. Um like two years ago in earth science, this kid a lot of people hated and picked on. He was sitting behind my friend. And i reached over in front of him as he was looking down, and dropped gum in my friends hair (dick move i know i just really wanted to lol that day and was immature). My friend felt it and was like wtf? started freaking out and the teacher is like what what?

    And he stands up and is like that fucking faggot behind me put gum in my hear im gonna kick his ass. So the teacher moves him. The kid who sits behind him walks by and sharpens his pencil, and on the walk back my friend tripped him and the get gets up and is like "YOU WANNA FUCKING FIGHT ME BITCH? And swings at him, but he like swings at the ceiling.. Completely aimless. And my friend swings back. There were like 10 punches thrown 0 landed LOL.

    Hella funny, i just recently told my friend i was the one who put the gum in his hair and he laughed hard.
  4. We were smoking a hooka in my friends room, and i tipped the whole thing trying to position the coal. Burned a hole in his carpet completely. So we were really high at this point as well, didn't know what to do. We thought cutting a piece that is the exact shape would hide it. We cut a square in his closet carpet and really just made a checkers board out of his room, hilarious!
  5. They still use chalk in highschool?
  6. trololololol :smoking:
  7. One time me and my cousin were helping move rocks down a hill since his dad was leveling out the hill (we did 90% of the digging by hand) he was using a bobcat. Well my cousin was up on the plateau and his dad chased him with the bob cat, well i threw a rock a little bigger than a fist towards the bucket we used to go dump the rocks. The rock flying in mid air and i saw my cousin running down the hill fast as fuck and he was heading right into the path of this rock i just fuckin hurled hardcore and it nailed him right in the right temple area, sad thing is me and his dad couldn't help but to laugh for a good minute or two.
  8. Not a last year for me we had dry erase boards and the ez board thingy
  9. This one time, I moved it to the left and she moaned. :cool:
  10. Killing a grizzly bear using my cock as a club
  11. one time i was really drunk and had to shit, so i sat on some guys fence and shat onto his lawn.

    felt so good, bud had to use boxers as toilet paper, and i felt like and asshole but what was done was done, i did try to move it but i didnt want to fall over and not be able to get back because i was so drunk
  12. lol in high school i would steal the expo markers from the teacher and take them home and disassemble them and disassemble a sharpie and put the expo marker back together with a sharpie inside and take it back to school the next day and put it on the board. win so many lols

    I'm not sure if its the biggest dick move I've done ever but I best I can think off the top of my head. We used to smoke in these apartments once and one of the asshole maintenance men would always bother us. One night me and my buddy went there drunk and we saw he left his window cracked open on his truck. We got out of my car and we both pissed in a water bottle then went and poured it through the crack onto his seat. The best was winter so it froze. Meaning he probably got in the truck got mad because he thought it snowed in his truck or something then the piss thawed from his ass and soaked his ass in piss lololololololol
  13. O the first time i got high i baked before school with some buddies. Well when i was walking through the front doors to the lunch hall i saw my friend sittin there he went to high five me but i bitch slapped him so fucking hard and almost fell down laughing as i walked away. Damn i wish i could get that high again.
  14. Lol how am i trolling? That happened.
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    Surprisingly yours made me laugh the hardest, thank you
  16. sooo many we used to do this shit all the time
    Ill say one of my friends one's since i cant think of my biggest, in secondary school we were fly kicking each other for funzys and one of my friends did a really hard fly kick on another of my friends and the ambulance ended up being called because his back and neck where fucked up.
    This same friend through a banana off a bus at a guy, the banana landed on the guys head perfectly but turned out this man was having a really bad day. He picked up the banana and dashed it as hard as he could back at the bus window then pointed at us ripped his jacket open and chased the bus down to the bustop. We all had to book it off the bus and he still followed till we split up and lost him
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    wow something happened like that to me n my friend but my friend flipped this guy off and he lifted up his shirt with a gun under it ..
  18. Lmfao I ran a red light and the camras caught me.. But me and my mother drive the same car so when the ticket came with the picture from the road camras i convinced her that she ran the light hahahahahahaha, Its soooo dick but i couldn't get grounded that week hahahaha
  19. we had to make these bath beads back when i was 15 for some end of school thing with the litle kids, i ripped mine at this guys car, went through his window and went all over him and his gf, they chased the bus down and no-one knew what happened apart from me and my mate, we blamed it on this dick and he got suspended, lol
  20. took a milk gallon filled it with bong water sliced the side of it open and gernaded it into some Mexicans pickup as we passed by

    thought it was really funny at the time but looking back that was some rank ass water and I woulda been pissed to see someone do that to my truck

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