Biggest bullshit of my life

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  1. Today, I was w/ some friends just chilling watching some 1xtra freestyles on my phone in a nearby park (we hadn't picked up yet). I said out loud 'Man I swear I'm gonna kill that man one day' talking about Tim westwood, and a cop, out of nowhere, grabs my shoulder, throws me against a bench face down, cuffed me, and took me to the station.

    He tried to pin 'Conspiracy to commit murder' charges on me. He must've been told he was an asshole by the other cops cause I was let go virtually as soon as I got there by very apologetic officers. It was bullshit though, I'm taking that prick to court for assault.
  2. Good luck with that
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    My logic being, he has nothing to back himself up with. Of course officers beat people and kill people and often only get suspensions IF THAT, but you gotta do what you can to get back at the system
  4. fuck man, what a dick the cop is ..
  5. Don't go to court it will be a waste of money.

    But that seriously is some bullshit. What a douche.

    But the important thing here is, you get your bud thaat night?
  6. You have to pay to go to court in America?
  7. eminems westwood freestyle is legendary
  8. Haha are you for real? I for one respect cops and their jobs but that guy is outta line
  9. Yeah, Tim Westwood gets on my nerves too

    However, I don't think a cop would throw you on a bench, arrest you and then take you to the station just for making an obviously sarcastic remark....then you just get to go?

    If this really happened you should do something but what cop is really that stupid
  10. That's the biggest bullshit of your life?
  11. either trolling, or that cop deserves the ban hammer at life.

    btw op, are you by any chance arab, mexican, or black? :rolleyes:

  12. To each their own but...
    I don't know where your at but over here cops don't do shit but arrive to Crome scenes. The DTs do all the real work. They aren't the fat fucks giving people tickets every 5 minutes on the same street.
  13. You have to pay for a lawyer.
  14. They should provide the defendant independant lawyers.
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    if you are arrested, they do/ you have the option

    if your tryna sue or whatever op was thinking about... fuck na ;)

    oh yeah and if your are arrested... you have to pay court fees, i dunno about sueing tho
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    Yea but those lawyers suck dick so it's really Jo point:/ there's a reason there court appointed haha
  17. so wait, there is a fee just for going to court?
  18. Yup, here in the US we get the privilege of paying court fees just for trying to defend ourselves. If you pay the ticket/ violation or whatever by mail or online they "waive" the fees but gladly take your guilty verdict and monies.
  19. ive never beeen to court but i always hear people paying court fees.

    Court costs (also called law-costs) are the costs of handling a case, which, depending on legal rules, may or may not include the costs of the various parties in a lawsuit in addition to the costs of the court itself. Court costs can reach very high amounts, often far beyond the actual monetary worth of a case. Cases are known in which one party won the case, but lost more than the monetary in court costs. Court costs may be 'awarded' to one or both parties in a lawsuit, or they may be waived.-wiki

    court costs n. fees for expenses that the courts pass on to attorneys, who then pass them on to their clients or, in some kinds of cases, to the losing party. Court costs usually include: filing fees, charges for serving summons and subpenas, court reporter charges for depositions (which can be very expensive), court transcripts, and copying papers and exhibits. The prevailing party in a law suit is usually awarded court costs. Attorneys' fees can be included as court costs only if there is a statute providing for attorneys fee awards in a particular type of case, or if the case involved a contract which had an attorneys' fee clause (commonly found in promissory notes, mortgages and deeds of trust). If a losing party does not agree with the claimed court costs (included in a filed cost bill) he/she/it may move (ask) the judge to "tax costs" (meaning reduce or disallow the cost), resulting in a hearing at which the court determines which costs to allow and in what amount (how much.-free
  20. Wow that's a huge waste of time, what an uptight prick.

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