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biggest bowl you've ever packed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by seedleSs dealer, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. i was just wondering what is the biggest bowl of weed that you have packed since you started smoking.


  2. My 6 footer has a metal bowlhead with an extender and packs about half and eigth, and cashes in like 4 hits. But it only takes one to get nice and cooked, 2 if you wanna get wrecked...
  3. I have an earth bong in my backyard and when me and my friends get together we can pack like 3 bricks in there and we break out the torches.
  4. Earth bong? please elaborate... and 3 bricks in one packing? *sniff sniff* Is that bs I smell? Hmmm..
  5. lol three wow well im getting of whiff of that BS too i mean three bricks thats a waste and that would be crazy u couldnt smoke all of that and why would u wanna waste that much weed and how much money u paying for three bricks cause if u can smoke that in one session im moving there
  6. *cough* what the hell are you talking about, earth bong?..i hope your stoned*cough*
  7. ive actually heard of people making a giant bong out of a grill and putting bricks over hot coals...i doubt thats what hes talkin about. but the biggest bowl i ever packed in a normal pipe was about 2 grams. usaully we only put like .5 but i whipped out the cheese grater and grated away. got a shit load more than i could of ever imagined.
  8. One of those wooden pipes you know the old man pipes.... Those mother fuckers have huuuuge bowls and I usually always pack one up when I get a big stash....
  9. First of all....I am a FEMALE to those who said HE. second of all an earth bong is a bong made in the ground and can fit over 3 bricks.third of all if you think i am bsing then that's your problem cuz i know what i did and if you kids haven't experienced an earth bong then that is your problem.
  10. but three bricks and by bricks u mean pounds and if u smoke it all that would kill u because of ur lungs would probably be bleeding and ud be tripping like a mother fucker

  11. you would have to smoke twice your body weight in a single 15 minute intraval to die

    the most bud i have packed in one bowl was out of one of my socket bowls. im not sure about the size of the socket but we fit 5.5 grams in there and finished it between 3 people in about 30 minutes. we were toast
  12. hahaha wtf 3 bricks my ass who the fuck are u bill gates wife get the fuck out of here no one call my friends kids u should be ashamed of ur self ,hahhaah,oh and ur a female too well im not sexiest in anyway but how the fuck can u smoke 3 BRICKS HAHAHAHAHA,SHIT I SURE CAN SMELL BS ,SMELLS LIKE 3 BRICKS COMING OUT YA ASS...EARTH BONG MY ASS U PROBABLY CANT EVEN SMOKE OUT OF A CAN OF SODA ,ok then eve go outside and have another 10 bricks why dont ya on ur earth bong in ur garden of eden (garden of bullshit)hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    dont call us kids again bitch

    hey every body dank danks mom is so fat the bitch went to sizzler and got a group discount""""
    no im not a kid u made me click
  13. thats hard to believe ... u couldnt smoke that ... u'd green out way b4 ....
  14. ok folks..its fine to declare someone a reason to start flaming though...

    3 bricks my ass...dont insult our intelligence..please.
  15. Alright people,

    im pretty baked at the moment. Have you got any good sited that i can get a good bowl, pipe or bong from. That ships the England?!? Help me, and how do you get that message at the bottom of your message that is like a signature?


  16. yeah dude the other day i was all chilling with my friends and we smoked 100 pounds of chronic out of this sattlite dish that we had converted into a giant pipe.. it was killer man.. i think that sheet of acid i ate boosted the trip or something too, cuz i was sooo high
  17. haha. now thats funny
  18. oh yeah..well..i smoked 3,000,000 bowls in under an hour!..and didnt even cough
  19. Wow thems some great stories guys, reminds me of the time I made a gravity bong out of a swimming pool and a silo, I needed a crane to operate it but man the buzz was well worth it. I didn't even have to eat a sheet of acid I was wrecked!!

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