Bigfoot has been Found! *pics*

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Sickboy, Aug 14, 2008.

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  2. damn
    this shits soo interesting :eek:
  3. fuck you, i choked on some red bull from laughing and it hurt :D
  4. damn if bigfoot is in georgia,,,,,,

    then my ex-wife has traveled out of florida,,,,,

    and got her ass caught,,,,,,,:cool:
  5. That's some sweeeeeeet shit. I hope it's real

  6. Yeah that sounds fucking awesome if it's real...

    Could still be a monkey suit in a freezer though. I mean, SourDieselChick made a good point. :p
  7. I honestly think its real because there has been some evidence to prove it exist over the years. do some research youll be surpized.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's one of the Russian Olympic Basketball players...
  9. I posted this on the other thread but I had to post it on here. I couldn't resist.[/quote]
  10. i still think it was the worlds tallest woman in a monkey suit...

  11. I think she died like two or three days ago
  12. That would be too friggin cool if this turns out to be legit. There has been ample proof that a large primate unknown to sciece could exist in certain areas of the world.

    And as far as the DNA thing goes.... obviously there is not bigfoot DNA on file.... but there is human, chimp, bonobo, and gorilla DNA on file. If the tests show it is something other than what we know, yet similar (like chimps and humans)... they can at least say it is something currently unknown to genetic science. Or, it will totally debunk everything right away if it turns out to be human or some other primate.

    All that being said.... it is still hard to believe that an entire species of primate, larger than any other, has been able to live and breed without any definitive proof of it's existance. I mean, those fuckers are big....

    Also, in order to sustain their species there must be more than a couple families. If just one pair of bigfoots somehow started living in a huge forest, they would have to breed to continue the natural process of evolution. As a result, there would be more individuals.... and more of a chance to find one. Unless they are like salmon and die after they breed, they do not exist. Even over 100 years there should be a decent amount of population growth....increasing the chances for a sighting. So shouldn't there have been, by now, one positive specimen?? In any condition?? Dead/alive/photograph/video...anything.

    Like I said.... it would be too cool if it was true.... but I will believe it when I see it. But on Bigfoot's side, there have been plenty of instances where species thought to be extinct have been found..... and there have been plenty of new species discoveries. Granted they are usually insects or subspecies of tiny amphibians in the does happen. Especially in the vastly unexplored oceans (we know more about the surface of the moon than our own ocean floor..... something like 1% of the abyssal plane has been explored, yeilding new discoveries/species everytime someone does down there.)

    For example...... a huge fish thought to be extinct was caught in Indonesia in 2007.

    The coelacanth is a 4 foot fish that has ben called a 'living fossil' because it has lived unchanged for so long.

    If a random fisherman can accidentally re-discover a huge species of 'extinct' fish, then at least I think it is plausible that a large primate, unknown to science, could be walking the earth.

    We'll see...... wouldn't it suck if it turned out to be some kind of marketing scheme?? Like those commercials for Ruby Tuesdays saying that there were going to blow up the last original Ruby's live online..... they used that to degrade their competitors by staging an accidental explosion of the resturaunt next door. Stating that it looked soo much like the original Ruby's that they couldn't tell the difference. I thought that was extremely clever.
  13. thats just to fake and you have wasted 10 seconds of my life. thanks :rolleyes:
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    I'd be willing to bet heavy money that this guy is correct.

    People can apparenly now just exclaim "DNA Evidence" without any followup validity and still corral the credulity of many. Hoaxing people is far too easy in this day and age.

  15. i think it could happen.. i mean, there have been LOTS of sightings.. hundreds, in every state exept for hawaii.

    i live in maine and i have only seen a moose ONCE. and they arent as smart as bigfoot (if bigfoot is half human is must be rather intelligent.) bigfoot are smarter and will aviod humans more easily than moose. and odds are there are less of them.

    so i would believe it.
  16. really duped???? OMG, since the beginning i always believed in the giant man monkey who kicks peoples ass over beef jerkey. I can't believe its not REAL!!!!!!!!!

    except for the fact that its a monkey whos supposed to have been alive for as long as weve been telling folk stories, with no mates, living all alone in the woods, WITH BEARS?????

    aint no monkey i ever seen take on a bear.

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