bigday tommrow..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Wizdom teeh gettin pulled.. i got mad butterflies on this shit .. im so fuckin worried there gonna mess up and im gonna be in pain and shit .. ugh :( AHHH and i only got vics .. 16 5mgs ones .. i hope its not as bad as im thinkin of it ughgughughuhg!
  2. you have nothing to worry about man..i had them out a year ago and i was nervous as well. all i felt was the needle go into me to put me out, and i woke up and i was fucked. i couldnt even walk, but it was sweet at the same time. i really didnt feel any pain. the vics will help out, you might want to ask for higher mg ones
  3. got mine pulled last year, dont sweat it too much man, youll be fine just no tokin for awhile after because it can cause dry sockets and those hurt like a biitch!

    btw i dont know if this will be the same for you but when i woke up i felt the best i had ever felt in mylife and was in an extremely euphoric state for around 15 minutes or so and couldn't walk even though i tried and fell:) that ended in 15 minutes whenever i started puking blood out of the car window :)

    after that its all good just keep gauze handy and u might puke once or twice more but ull make it dude
  4. sigh :( i hate this.. and the fact i cant toke is jsut insane.. gah 3 day break is gnna be grooling ..
  5. It wasn't too bad at all for me, I got all four out and it only hurt for a few days and I could eat any food after 7 or 8 days maybe. I ate some weed cookies so I never really needed to take a break, lol. I saved all my vics too and brought them back to college :metal:
  6. No its not that bad I'm getting my tops pulled friday and I'm just gonna smoke all night thursday and in the morning before I go in. Plus I'm getting nitrous.:hello:
  7. still first surgery and jsut the only thing i never want to do.. ;\ hah like only fear (needeles and gettin cut open and shit ripped out..) asdhasl
  8. hey I have my reasons Believe me to fear the dentist, I was in Navy during Gulf War, and had some scary work done(laev it at that)then couple months ago I had to have 3 teeth pulled in the back, so, what I did was get real baked, took abunch of anxiety meds I had, not deadly bunch, just enough for a chill, and took abunch of advil, (all i had for pain), and i got through it....just a thought

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